Meet our AroFlo Users: CCMS

Running a business can be difficult at the best of times. But doing so while also protecting a forty-year legacy is just another day at the office for Jake Pope and the team at CCMS.

Based in Central South Australia, the business found its success in providing a complete building and maintenance solution to its clients.

But things change a lot over four decades.

With the team now numbering over 20 and Jake’s time becoming more and more precious by the day, the systems CCMS had once relied on completely were quickly becoming a burden to the business.

Pen and paper methods mixed with outdated software lacking in core functionality left Jake and the team facing down an endless stream of paperwork. The number one culprit for lost time was double handling, with each document needing to be entered into CCMS’ existing software by hand and then also pushed across to their accounting package.

This left everything from timesheets to invoices in a constant backlog, forcing Jake and the team to work more hours while always feeling like they were getting less and less done. To get back on track CCMS needed a complete solution capable of automating the tasks that sapped so much time from its employees.

With AroFlo at their side, Jake and the team finally have the power of a fully-featured job management software at their command. It took just a month for physical paperwork to become a thing of the past at CCMS, with timesheets and payroll completed automatically while office staff focused on better uses of their time. Within a year CCMS was looking unstoppable, with AroFlo fully integrated into field operations, technicians were finally able to get on with the job without worrying about filling out forms.

“Our business has grown because now we have a system that is smart enough and can keep up with our needs”, says Jake.

For CCMS, a willingness to explore new options to solidify their growth into the future has ensured many more decades of success to come.

Read more about CCMS here and if your story sounds similar, maybe it’s time to see how AroFlo’s job management software could help you create a legacy of your own.

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