Meet our AroFlo Users: Evergreen Turf

It’s difficult to think big when you’re constantly worrying about the little details that come with running a business.

For Kirsty Caldwell, working as Evergreen Turf’s operations coordinator meant long days of data entry and managing complex systems almost entirely on paper.

The Pakenham based business was riding high on a surge of strong growth and expansion, leading to large-scale project completions and happy customers throughout Victoria.

But as the company grew, so too did the headaches that came with trying to efficiently exchange crucial information such as site data and timesheets.

This frustration was shared by team members working on the ground, who were beginning to feel overwhelmed as their projects increased in size and scope while their systems fell further and further behind.

Something had to change, and Evergreen Turf was ready to leave the endless sea of paperwork behind.

That change came with AroFlo’s cloud-based job management software.

Moving to a digital system was a huge decision, but one that Kirsty and the crew haven’t regretted since. With everything from invoices and purchase orders to timesheets and on-site documentation available on-demand from anywhere, Evergreen Turf isn’t stopping any time soon.

“AroFlo is an integral part of our business, the easy access from any location and the ongoing support has been vital”, says Kirsty.

What’s next for Evergreen Turf? That’s for them to decide. But one thing’s for sure, their AroFlo system is ready for whatever challenges tomorrow brings.

Read more about Evergreen Turf’s success story here and check out how AroFlo’s tailored solutions for the trade, service and construction industries might be just the change you need.

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