Meet our AroFlo Users: Five Star Electrical

Making the right business decisions when you’re drowning in a sea of paperwork can be difficult for even the most successful company.

Back in 2006 David Menegon and Theo Vassalakis knew this feeling all too well, as slow billing cycles and long invoicing processes left them with very little time to help Five Star Electrical reach its full potential.

Now David and Theo run one of Canberra’s leading electrical contracting firms and they made it all possible with AroFlo by their side.

Before AroFlo the process of running Five Star Electrical involved endlessly handling everything from timesheets to invoices manually. This left little to no time to focus on other administrative work which inevitably led to less billable hours and an overall reduction in cash flow.

Frustration with this system was shared by employees in the field, who lacked access to job-related data such as schedules and task details which meant they frequently had to call home to get the information they needed to complete a job.

Streamlining and automation were a necessity for Five Star Electrical, which made AroFlo’s cloud-based job management solution the perfect fit.

With a successful integration and a supportive customer service team helping Five Star Electrical get AroFlo up and running, David and Theo saw instant changes to the efficiency of their business.

Electricians were now using their working hours more effectively and office staff no longer had to waste time manually invoicing clients.

As David puts it, “AroFlo transformed our business, turning tedious tasks into an absolute pleasure.”

And the results speak for themselves, with Five Star Electrical going from strength to strength while their AroFlo system remains ready to accommodate their every need.

If your current business situation sounds similar to David and Theo’s, why not read their full story here and find out how AroFlo could help you just like it helped Five Star Electrical.

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