Meet our AroFlo Users: iWILL

Sometimes all it takes for business success is innovation and the right tools.

For Ian Williams and the team at iWILL Building Management, AroFlo was the job management software tool they relied on launch their business.

The Sydney based boutique facilities management startup needed a powerful solution to enable them to take a share of an incredibly competitive market.

From the beginning, two factors stood apart as particularly crucial to iWILL’s success, time sensitivity and cost control.

Ian knew that to stay in the ring with the big players, as much of the administrative aspects of the business as possible needed to be automated and streamlined with minimal human interaction wherever possible.

A quick setup meant iWILL was quickly able to start using AroFlo’s expansive set of tools to its fullest potential. With everyday operations already largely automated before the company even took on its first contract.

Time-consuming tasks like documentation and customer correspondence have never been a problem for Ian and the team, who simply log every piece of business data in AroFlo and let their innovative system do the rest.

This gives everyone at iWILL more time to focus on the big picture of growing the business into the future, or as Ian puts it, “whilst using AroFlo over the last two years we have been learning more about our business and what we do.”

For iWILL, the only way to go now is up and with AroFlo at their back it’s a bright future to look forward to.

Read more about iWILL’s story here to find out why AroFlo is the perfect fit for any business, regardless of whether it’s just starting up or has a storied history behind it.

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