Meet our AroFlo Users: MCI

There’s a lot to be said for going with your gut feeling when making important decisions. With their future success in their own hands, David O’Callaghan and the team at Melbourne Commercial Installation (MCI) chose AroFlo, and they’ve never looked back.

Growing an already successful business is a tough job, but doing so with his attention split equally between administrating and working meant David was left with very little time to plan much further than the week ahead. The Melbourne business had found great success in manufacturing and installing office furniture for commercial and domestic clients, leading to the team now numbering over ten and more work coming in than ever before.

But living his life with the phone glued to his ear wasn’t the way that David wanted to run his business. What he and the team needed was a way to streamline the ever-increasing workload of the business and break away from operating the business manually for good.

With AroFlo’s cloud-based system at their back, MCI suddenly had the means to automate tasks and procedures that had once taken David and the team hours to complete. By running tasks in both the office and the field through AroFlo’s scheduling system and calendar, David no longer found his time eaten up by endless phone calls spent making sure everything was running as it should.

MCI’s modern approach to commercial cabinetry now had a powerful job management software making sure it runs efficiently.

In David’s words, “AroFlo is the perfect place for a services-based business to start making their transformation from old school to the digital age.”

Now David has all the time he needs to think as far into the future as he likes, and MCI’s future success is all but assured.

Read more about MCI’s story here and find out how AroFlo’s unique approach to job management software can help take back the time you spend running your business.

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