Nuts & Bolts Updates

Read on to learn about this new section and our latest highlights:

  • Office redesign: Inventory
  • Document Layouts: enhanced rendering
  • Timesheet: expandable note field
  • Hot Tip: Nuts and Bolts updates
  • What’s in the pipeline?
  • Office closure

Office redesign: Inventory

Our latest modifications to Inventory offer a faster and more efficient way to manage your materials.

Our top changes include:

  • more room for categories and listed items
  • a separate scroll bar for your categories list and main content area
  • floating ‘Save’ button for ease-of-use.

Document Layouts: enhanced rendering

AroFlo’s new enhanced rendering for multi-page documents means you can finally kiss time consuming RTF layouts goodbye.

Now when you render multi-page quotes, invoices and purchase orders, all your data should now align as it appears on your screen.

Timesheet: expandable note field

A small but nifty improvement is a new expandable note field for your timesheets. You and your crew can now create and read long, detailed descriptions in daily timesheet entries.

Hot Tip: Nuts & Bolts Updates

Keep an eye out for our brand new Nuts and Bolts Updates. Our devs constantly roll out new enhancements so to save you time we’ll now wrap up all of our smaller updates in summary blog articles so you can keep on top of everything that’s new in AroFlo.

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What’s in the pipeline?

  • Tax inc. pricing on quotes and invoices (Field)
  • Project templates including tasks
  • Work hours and automated timesheets
  • Send event invitations from AroFlo calendar

Office closure

Due to a team event, AroFlo HQ will close earlier at 3:00pm on Friday the 24th of August. It will be business as usual on Monday the 27th of August.

If you have a critical business issue, please call our Customer Support number and your call will be diverted to our emergency support line.

Alternatively, please log a support request through the Help menu in AroFlo and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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