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The advantages of an AroFlo Accounting Integration and how it can save you hours of admin work every day

As a savvy trade, construction, or service professional you’re no doubt always looking for new ways to save time and make running your business even smoother. Whether it’s automating everyday tasks and monitoring your entire workforce from within AroFlo or inputting complex financial data into your chosen accounting software and letting it do all the hard work for you.

Over time though you’ve probably noticed that while both systems work very well on their own, the issue of double handling invoices, bills, and timesheets is still causing considerable delays to your business admin.

So, what’s the best way to fix this problem entirely?

By fully integrating your accounting package with AroFlo.

With a cloud accounting integration in place, your AroFlo system can speak to your accounting package and allow information to be pushed between the two platforms at the press of a button.

You can probably already see why this is a big deal for your business’s automation and may just end up saving you hours of work by business close each day. If you still need convincing though, this article will cover the advantages of integrated cloud accounting and its effects on business workflows, while also providing some simple examples of this functionality in action.

The advantages of AroFlo’s cloud-integrated accounting:

Advantage 1: Integrated accounting limits clerical errors

Everyone knows the feeling of staring at a screen full of numbers and hoping there isn’t a mistake among them that’s going to cost extra time later down the track. By integrating your accounting package with AroFlo you eliminate human error from the picture entirely and ensure that nothing is missed or goes uncollected. Not only is this a lifesaver come tax time, but it also ensures that complex office arrangements with more than one person on admin are free from the risk of accounting issues regardless of who did the entries that day.

Advantage 2: AroFlo’s integrated accounting provides 100% accurate timesheets for payroll

One of the big advantages of logging work hours in AroFlo is that it makes creating accurate timesheets an absolute breeze. The ability to then take this information and instantly transcribe it into your accounting package ensures that not only does payroll get completed faster. But also, that there will be no disputes about who worked when and for how long.

Did you know: AroFlo’s timesheet system will also automatically add entitlements such as after-hours work or time and a half, making your payroll even easier when the data reaches your accounting package.

Advantage 3: Integrated accounting means real-time access to financial data on the go

If you need to cross-reference your financial data on the fly, an AroFlo accounting integration ensures complete financial oversight, no matter where you decide to pull the info from. The documentation in your accounting package will always be a carbon copy of what is stored in AroFlo, eliminating the need to check both systems and waste precious time while you’re on a job.

Advantage 4: AroFlo’s integrated accounting makes invoicing faster and gets you paid quicker

Cash flow is a constant concern for any business regardless of its size or scope. By integrating your accounting package with AroFlo you can process invoices much faster than would ever be possible while double-entry remains a factor in your administrative systems. This also makes the process of raising and paying suppliers a quick and painless process, letting you settle your outstanding accounts and finish up for the day in a matter of minutes.

Ready to get started?

If you’re an existing AroFlo user then you’ll be happy to know that it’s very easy to get started with an accounting package integration. Just get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll help you say goodbye to double handling forever.

Author: James Burgess
Content Specialist

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