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Introducing Rexel Supplier Connect (Including Rexel, Lear & Smith, John R. Turk and Ideal)

If you’re a regular user of Rexel’s Online Supplier catalogue, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now access Rexel through AroFlo’s Supplier Connect system.

This includes all suppliers under the Rexel banner:

  • Rexel
  • John R. Turk
  • Ideal
  • Lear & Smith

If you’re new to the system, Supplier Connect allows you to place orders directly with partner suppliers from within AroFlo’s Purchase Order interface.

The benefits include:

Purchase orders are dispatched with no email needed

Supplier Connect is a closed system, which means it facilitates every step of the purchase order process, including sending the relevant documents to your Rexel supplier. Best of all, this process requires just two clicks, making getting what you need to finish a job faster than ever.

Fewer delays on orders sent via Supplier Connect

There’s nothing better than receiving fast service when you order parts or materials for a job. With Supplier Connect you can shop with the confidence that your order will be processed and handled by suppliers as efficiently as possible.

Supplies being purchasable from either a quote or saved lists in your Rexel account

There is no need to waste time entering dozens of items into a complex order; just pull the supplies you need from existing Rexel quotes or saved lists and raise a purchase order in seconds rather than minutes.

Accurate pricing and product codes on all items

When using Rexel Group’s supplier catalogue, you’ll find that Rexel’s entire stock list of parts and materials all feature up to date prices and product codes.

No manual data entry on the supplier end

Minimising mistakes is an important part of what makes AroFlo’s Supplier Connect integration with Rexel such a powerful tool for ordering parts and materials. No manual administration is required by the supplier, meaning no chance of mistakes, as the information that arrives in the hands of stock handlers lists exactly what you specified.

Ready to simplify your order process?

We’re excited to offer you access to our Supplier Connect integration with Rexel, and we hope it helps you save time when ordering parts and materials. If you’d like to know more about how to get access to AroFlo’s Supplier Connect system or have any questions about utilising Rexel’s catalogue through AroFlo, get in touch with our customer support team. Or, if you’re new to AroFlo entirely, click here to book a demo, and we’ll show you why our job management software is the perfect fit for your trade business.


James Burgess

Content Specialist

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