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What Exactly Is a Field Staff Solution?

If you run a business that has staff working in the field, we have a few questions we need to ask you. Do you always know where to find your team? Can your field staff create invoices and update appointments on the go? Can you find information about jobs and clients at the touch of a button? If a customer called you with a complaint, would you have the information to respond to their concerns at your fingertips? 

If you answered "no" to any of those questions, it might be time to start looking for a field staff solution. 

Key Benefits of Implementing a Field Staff Solution

Field staff solutions come in the form of field management software, making it easy to streamline the way you and your field staff work together. With the right field staff management system, you and your team can collaborate to manage appointment scheduling, invoicing and timesheets from wherever you are working. Your field staff would have the freedom to operate their days from their smartphones or tablets, keeping you up to date with their work and administration and allowing you to communicate in real time.

Improves Communication 

Your field staff spend their days climbing ladders, crawling under floors and carrying heavy loads of equipment to and from work sites - they aren't always available to answer the phone. A good field staff solution allows you to bridge the gap in communication. With field staff management software, your team can input information about jobs and clients to keep the entire team up to date, meaning you'll be able to keep your clients appraised of timelines and completed tasks. When everyone uses the software, all the answers are at your fingertips.

Optimises Scheduling

Most field staff management software incorporates a timesheet feature that lets your team clock on and off while they're out in the field. Without the need to travel to the office to clock on to their day, staff can manage their time more efficiently. 

You can also optimise your appointment scheduling when you use a field staff solution app. Jobs can be grouped by location, maximising your field staff's working hours.

Boost Employee Productivity

Another key feature of effective field staff management software is the ability to keep staff up to date with their tasks. Field staff can easily:

  • update job notes 
  • attach photos from job sites
  • update job statuses where all staff can view them.

A good field staff solution acts as a communication tool between your team members, which is particularly helpful if your business performs a variety of services. For instance, if your company offers complete renovation services, a field staff management software would allow your employees to keep each other informed. Once the electrician has completed their work, they could update the job in the platform, letting your plasterer know it's time to get to work on the job. This system streamlines employee productivity as you won't need to rely on staff remembering to contact one another - the software will keep everyone in the loop. 


Create streamlined processes for capturing job notes so that you receive the same information from all field staff every time. You can also set up alerts to ensure your field staff know exactly what to do and when to do it by providing automated reminders to:

  • confirm job details
  • submit timesheets
  • follow up with leads.

Choosing the Right Field Staff Solution For Your Business

Field-based staff can feel frustrated and isolated. By giving your field staff access to the information they need quickly and easily, you will enable them to feel part of the team. So, how do you choose the right field staff solution for your business? By selecting software that is easy to use and will grow as your business expands.

Easy Implementation

The purpose of a good field staff solution is to make life easier for field staff - not harder. A good field staff software solution will be easy to install and set up for the individual user, will allow them to effortlessly access timetables and invoicing, and have on-the-go access to software troubleshooting.

Scalable Capabilities 

With the right tools at your fingertips, your business can grow. You'll need to make sure that the field staff solution of your choice can grow with you. That means considering whether:

  • additional users can access the software
  • information relating to bigger jobs can be loaded into the software
  • the software can handle extra staff members' payroll and personal information.

Mobile Friendly 

The best field staff management software is compatible with mobile phones - it has to be when your staff are on the go all day.

Real-Time Data

When you have access to real-time information, you can be proactive in solving potential problems instead of reacting when things have already gone wrong. To ensure a smooth workflow, you'll need a system that can share information with field workers in real time.

Best Field Staff Management Systems

There is no such thing as "the best" field staff management system. Rather, there is the best system for your business. Let's explore some of the best-performing field staff solutions to get an idea of what might fit your business.  


AroFlo is a cloud-based business management system complete with every feature small businesses need to thrive on the go. We offer:

  • on-the-go technical support
  • a range of features compatible with field staff management
  • integrations with other apps
  • automations and reminders to keep everyone in the know.

With our comprehensive range of features, you'll never waste time while managing your field staff again.


Works specialises in automated workflows that they promise will increase your productivity by 40%. They are compatible with hundreds of other apps for the purposes of integration, and customers have had great experiences with their online booking features.


Servicetitan is renowned for continually upgrading and changing its software to keep up with demand and new technology. They offer an all-in-one business management solution that removes the need for other business platforms entirely. To this, they accredit their customers increasing their revenue by 15% annually.

Service Fusion

Service Fusion offers enterprise-level features at a small business price. Users of this business management platform can streamline their workflows by migrating customer records into a digital format. With one centralised system for customer management, scheduling, invoicing, creating automated payment reminders for customers, payments, reporting, and more, you gain complete visibility of your business operations.

Developing a remote culture

If your business is mostly run by staff who work in the field, developing a remote culture where everyone has access to the same information in real time can help build a productive and collaborative team. 

When everyone uses the same field staff management solution, everyone has the same facts on hand, so there is no room for mistakes made by misinformation. 

Keep yourself connected with your team by trialling a field staff management solution for your business. With AroFlo's field service software, you can increase productivity, reduce paperwork and save admin time with our easy-to-use field service software for both the office and your field workers. Why not sign-up for a demo today?

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