Maintenance Management System

Programmed Recurring
Maintenance Management Software

Job maintenance software

Recurring Job Maintenance

Automatically set up periodic or routine maintenance tasks for clients at predefined intervals.

Who needs a maintenance management system?

Anyone with clients needing regular work done – weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other frequency – will love AroFlo’s recurring maintenance management system.

Take the hassle out of managing your recurring maintenance work with ‘Periodics’ – AroFlo’s powerful maintenance management system that makes scheduling your recurring work a breeze.

Never miss a scheduled maintenance job ever again:

  • Scheduled equipment servicing

  • Facilities or garden maintenance

  • Regular safety or compliance checks.

You can even use it as a Customer Relationship Management tool CRM, to prompt regular catch-ups with your clients.

Watch our explainer video on periodics

Watch the video below to gain an understanding on how AroFlo’s periodics feature can make keeping on top of recurring work a pain-free experience and save your business time.

Unleash the power of periodics

Are you juggling scheduled or routine maintenance jobs for large or complex clients?

Do you worry you’ll miss a job, or turn up on the wrong day?

Let AroFlo take the headaches out of scheduling your recurring work, with periodics.

Simply set up your recurring jobs once, as periodic templates, and AroFlo will automatically schedule them at the frequency you choose, until you tell it to stop.

Dynamic Frequencies

Do you need flexible scheduling for seasonal work?

Easy! Set your periodic templates up with dynamic frequencies, to schedule more jobs during your busy periods, and fewer or no jobs when it’s quiet.

Do certain service calls include additional checks or materials, or do you need to add a yearly compliance audit to your preventative maintenance schedule?

No problem. AroFlo can handle all the complexity you can throw at it.

Scheduling/Assigning People, Material and Assets

You can automatically assign your recurring jobs to the same person each time, or to a placeholder in your calendar, so you can choose who to send out on the day.

All the materials you need for the job can be booked out at the set-up stage, saving you time, every time. You can also assign assets to the job, so your crew always knows what gear to take along.

Record the details of your clients’ assets, to build up a handy service history.

GPS, Docs / Photos, Compliance, and CRM

AroFlo captures GPS coordinates as your technicians record each asset’s service details, creating an audit trail for future reference.

Enter notes about the job, upload documents, photos or videos related to the work, and store all the compliance forms you need, right there in your periodic template.

You can even use periodics as a Customer Relationship Management tool, as you can set up reminders for yourself, or have AroFlo send automatic reminders to your clients.

Manage your recurring service or routine maintenance jobs, and start using your admin time for better things. Get in touch today to find out more about how AroFlo’s periodics can help your business.

Automatically Schedule your Recurring jobs

If your recurring maintenance requirements are a bit out of the ordinary, don’t worry – AroFlo offers all the flexibility you need to automatically schedule your recurring jobs.

Flexible Automation Options

For example your HVAC client needs their main system serviced monthly, but in summer they want it done fortnightly. They need additional checks performed quarterly, and they need an annual compliance audit.

With AroFlo, you set the job up once, including any variations in the frequency, equipment, materials or compliance forms needed, and then enjoy the convenience and certainty of knowing that your crew will see the job pop up on their calendars at the scheduled time, every time.

We’ve covered every base

We’ve used our years of experience in the trades to lighten your admin load.
AroFlo’s maintenance management system lets you automate compliance tasks, track your and your clients’ assets, and plan the materials you need for your recurring work.

Invoicing software

Periodic Invoice 

AroFlo can automatically generate and send recurring invoices to your clients.

Automated Invoicing Software

AroFlo also contains automated invoicing software, to save you having to write up the same invoice every time you do recurring work.

Do you provide security services or perform regular safety checks for your clients?

Set up a periodic invoice with all the necessary details and schedule it to fire off to your client at the agreed frequency.

Need to vary your service on occasion?

No problem. Just go into your periodic invoice and make the necessary changes. You can force the invoice to generate at the time you specify, then set the invoice back to the original details, as required.

Learn more about AroFlo’s Maintenance Management System