Supplier Catalogue Integration

Connect AroFlo directly to your favourite
trade’s wholesaler

Live, real-time pricing from leading wholesale suppliers

AroFlo comes packed with powerful job management features to help automate and streamline all of your business processes. And best of all, it integrates with other leading business solutions, so you can finally do everything from the one system.

To help you keep track of your material costs, we’ve teamed up with leading industry suppliers via our online supplier catalogue integrations. Our fast and seamless integration with their online product catalogues lets you browse and select the items you need without having to leave AroFlo.

You can always be confident that your ordering materials at their most up-to-date-pricing. Whether it’s a quote for your favourite items or purchasing parts on the go, everything is added straight into AroFlo. From Quotes through to Invoices, we’ve got you covered.

It’s so simple, you’ll never want to go back to paper orders again.

Streamline your purchase orders and inventory management workflows.

Browse and order supplies from leading wholesalers
direct from Aroflo, on your phone, tablet or laptop

AroFlo seamlessly integrates with online product catalogues from leading wholesale suppliers.
This means you can access, browse and select items from your favourite suppliers without ever needing to leave AroFlo.

See our Supplier Catalogues in action