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Supplier Catalogues

AroFlo seamlessly integrates with online product catalogues from leading wholesale suppliers. This means you can access, browse and select items from your favourite suppliers without ever needing to leave AroFlo.

Supplier Catalogue Providers’

Access customised wholesaler pricing

Other job management systems claim to provide access to wholesaler pricing but this usually involves importing lengthy price lists which quickly date. Or linking to the supplier’s online catalogue which only publishes generic pricing.

But with AroFlo you can log in to your preferred supplier’s online catalogue and access the up-to-date custom pricing you have negotiated with each supplier. Every time you create a purchase order, raise an invoice or provide an estimate, you can be sure you are always quoting accurate amounts.


You’ll have greater control of your business operating costs by always quoting the right pricing for:

  • estimates
  • quotes
  • purchase orders
  • invoices
  • job tracking
  • project management

Supplier Connect

You can also take things one step further by placing orders directly with MMEM from the AroFlo purchase order screen. Purchasing materials from within the one system will save time wasted on duplication of processes and manual handling of paperwork.

Current integrated supplier catalogues

AroFlo will continue to build upon our current list of integrated supplier catalogues so we can provide even greater options across all trades service industries.


Automated supplier imports

AroFlo can also automatically place ordered materials onto jobs once the supplier has emailed your invoice.
When your order is filled, AroFlo auto imports invoice items directly into the system – you can allocate materials directly to your job, project or inventory.

Click for our full supported supplier list.