A growing business handicapped by inadequate systems

Axis Maintenance Services needed a new system to create transparency and clarity around its operations, and that's why AroFlo was the perfect fit for the whole company.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Before AroFlo, the software situation at Axis Maintenance Services was dire. Using an in-house system created by the business's project management team, Axis's service department suffered from poor-fit software functionality and the inability to keep invoicing and profit and loss reporting under control.

As Sarah puts it, "it was just all backwards for our service industry", a sentiment likely shared by any trade business employee forced to use inadequate software.

Recording historical site data was also a huge issue,leaving Sarah and the rest of the operations team to figure out which technicians went where and why on top of the ongoing invoice and billing issues.

The writing was on the wall and faced with being up to 3-4 months behind on invoicing, Sarah and the team decided that a solution to Axis's logistics issues wasn't just necessary; it was crucial.

The challenge they set was simple: find software to streamline the business now and into the future and create complete transparency around core processes like invoicing, reporting and crew dispatch.

And after a quick demo with AroFlo's sales team, Axis Maintenance Services was ready to start.

What's been the major impact on your business?

A new system like AroFlo was just the ticket for Axis Maintenance Services. Although, the competition wasn't very fierce, with Sarah admitting that "going back to carbon books" would have been a better solution than the previous system.

Within 4-6 weeks, Sarah and the team were fully set up, with all the business data, compliance forms and other vital business collateral finding a new home in AroFlo's cloud-based software.

Another week of travel and implementation saw the various teams that make up Axis's national presence begin learning the ins and outs of AroFlo.

As with anything new, there were teething issues, but nothing Axis couldn't handle without a bit of advice and assistance from AroFlo's Customer Support and Training team.

Soon after, Axis Maintenance Services was running everything through AroFlo: scheduling, timesheets, purchase orders, compliance, job emails, invoicing and more. With functional software handling all the little bits, the team at Axis could finally focus on the big picture of getting the business on track for future success.

How are things going now you're up & running?

For Sarah and the team at Axis Maintenance Services,the results speak for themselves. There's no confusion around processing jobs and invoicing clients at Axis now, with the business able to take on more work than ever before, thanks to AroFlo's software tools.

After a year of AroFlo, and with access to a whole new set of data created by its various features, Sarah and the team could finally start reporting on the business in earnest. Profit and loss, defect recording,finance management and more; AroFlo's reporting tools changed how Axis Maintenance Services does business and equipped Sarah and her team with the tools they need to record, report and action changes within the business.

The business has grown not just in its staffing but its service provision as well. Client asset management has become a core part of the services clients rely on from Axis Maintenance Services, and it's all thanks to AroFlo's specialised recurring maintenance and asset management infrastructure.

But the team at Axis Maintenance Services are far from done. With a whole host of AroFlo features and functionally still untouched by the business, there's room to grow how they operate and how they use their job management system to facilitate that growth.

With AroFlo by their side, the future looks safe and secure for Axis Maintenance Services. The team are happy, too. With full-featured job management software backing them up, it's hard not to feel like whatever comes next; it's something the team at Axis will handle with ease.

Client Profile

What they do:

Hydraulics and Plumbing maintenance and servicing.

Who they help:

Commercial clients including casinos, universities, shopping centres, defence sites, offices, early education and aged care.

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