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AroFlo and Uprise: Partners in positive mental health and wellbeing

Get your employees on the path to positive mental health and wellbeing with Uprise

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Positive mental health forms the cornerstone of a successful workplace. Any tradesperson or trade business owner should know how important it is to ensure that their workers are supported in the pursuit of positive mental wellbeing.

However, starting a conversation about mental health can be challenging and properly supporting your workers on-site and after hours can be even harder. Even the most proactive manager or employer can find it difficult to create and maintain mental health initiatives within a workplace. Workers often resist conversations about wellbeing or choose to keep their struggles private for fear of showing weakness or alienating themselves from their colleagues, and creating a balance between open discussions about mental health while retaining the confidentiality that many workers need to properly tackle the challenges associated with poor mental health can seem impossible at times.

To help find that balance at AroFlo HQ, we’ve recently partnered with Uprise, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) whose online platform has helped foster positive mental health and personal growth across our entire team.

What is Uprise, and what do they do?

Uprise is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that helps employers promote positive mental health and support their workers using a range of human resource tools contained within an easy-to-use digital platform.

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An Employee Assistance Program provides workers with support for personal problems and/or work-related problems, helping them improve their mental health and foster positive wellbeing through a range of proactive services. Uprise, for example, provides 24/7 counselling, telehealth services, training videos and upskilling courses to help workers overcome their problems and improve their mental health.

Is having an EAP necessary in a trade business?

Not every trade business needs an Employee Assistance program, but every business has employees with unique mental health needs. Having an EAP integrated into your business gives you access to proactive tools that help tackle positive mental health and wellbeing within your workforce, should anyone who works for you ever need support.

What kinds of long-term benefits do employees get from an EAP?

Long-term benefits of an EAP include employees taking less sick leave to deal with stress-related problems, fewer WorkCover claims, more productive/billable hours for your business per employee and reduced worker turnover.

What additional tools does Uprise provide?

Uprise offers several tools for employers or HR staff that help you understand and support your employees better. Data-driven reports and detailed quarterly insights come standard with the platform and help you locate stress hotspots within your business and create lasting change that supports your workers now and into the future.

Is Uprise easy to get started with?

Getting started with Uprise is a lot like getting started with AroFlo. Through a guided demo, you can see the platform at work, then discuss the unique needs of your business with one of Uprise’s sales team.

Check out this page for more information.

Do employees like using Uprise?

Here is a real testimony from one of AroFlo’s Customer Service team:

“For me, even having Uprise as an option in the company has made me feel that management genuinely cares, is empathetic, and has thought about their employees as people who have mental health needs. I should reiterate that a person doesn’t need to have mental health concerns to see the benefit of Uprise. They have quick health check-ins that are easy to use and proactive training modules that employees can take to increase their knowledge around positive mental health.

If I was ever struggling or needed to talk through an issue, Uprise gives me access to caring mental health professionals whenever I need them. The fact that I have Uprise available to me as an option if I need it means I’m no longer stressed about having to make time or spend money to see my GP, only repeat the process with a psychologist later down the track. My concerns are met, and my health has improved, which shows that Uprise and AroFlo are invested in my positive mental health. I am so blessed to be working for a company that really puts their people first, and having Uprise available is another way they make me feel valued.”

If you’d like to know more about AroFlo’s journey to choosing Uprise, follow this link to download our case study, which outlines why we opted for an EAP to support our employees needs and why Uprise was a perfect choice.

James Burgess
Content Specialist

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