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AroFlo September updates

Quote option groups

You can now include quote option groups with single or multiple item selections on a quote. This allows you to group various pricing options under their own header on a quote.

This is useful for situations where you want to offer your customers various options that are separate to the standard items. The cost of the optional item/s are excluded from the total summary, until such time the item/s are marked as ‘Selected’.

This feature is available in both the AroFlo office and field interface.

More info: Quote option groups

Task Reports update: “Last Assigned To”

A new field ‘Last Assigned To’ has been added to Task Reports. Once a task is completed this new field allows you to report on who the task was last assigned to prior to completion.

Print and email layout defaults

You can now define specific print and email default settings for Purchase Orders and Supplier Quotes.

More info: Print and Email Layout Defaults

Short and sweet

  • Surcharge Percentage has been added to invoice layouts.
  • Mick French Wholesalers is now supported for Supplier Invoice Imports.
  • An extra column has been added to Task Materials and Invoices – “Inv” which will have a tick if it’s an inventory item.
  • Image viewer thumbnails will now keep aspect ratio and we have added a counter to the top right of the image slider

[see below].

Coming Soon

Tracking Centers

You’ll soon be able to allocate a Tracking Centre (or Cost Centre) to every line item on a quote, purchase order, invoice and task labour, materials and expenses, enabling more in depth reporting and tracking.

Cost, calculated cost, sell

We’ll be providing greater flexibility in pricing for ad-hoc and inventory items by allowing specific Cost, Calculated Cost (Maximum Cost, Average Cost, Last-in-First-out) and Sell across all areas of AroFlo.

Auto emailing Periodic Invoices

You’ll be able to set Periodic Invoices to automatically email as soon as they are generated.

Bulk emailing invoices

You’ll be able to bulk email invoices to clients in one email and have the option of merging them into one PDF.

Upgrade to Documents

  • All document areas in the Office Interface searchable and thumbnails for images and PDFs will be displayed.
  • The Field Interface will display thumbnails and allow uploading of multiple files at once.
  • Images uploaded into all areas of AroFlo will be able to be included in layouts, embedded in the PDF.

Extra accounting integrations

You will soon be able to integrate AroFlo with MYOB AccountRight Live, MYOB Essentials and Quickbooks Online with more to come.

Would you like to know more?

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