New financial year resolution: Digitise your stock control system

If you’ve just completed your EOFY stocktake using pen and paper, chances are you’re feeling about ready to throw your current stock control system out the window.

There’s no arguing that running stock by hand still works. But it’s also undeniable that whatever physical inventory systems do, their digital counterparts now do better.

In this article, we’ll take you through some important benefits of a digitised inventory management system and what you should look out for before you commit to one.

Digital stock control increases precision

Accounting for lost, forgotten, or missing stock is a huge headache when trying to get an accurate picture of your current inventory situation. This is made even worse when you think something may be amiss but can’t locate the proper paperwork to confirm it.

One of the biggest advantages of digitising your stock control is that it allows you to utilise the increased accuracy of computer systems to make counting and organising your inventory faster and more accurate.

The tap of a button rather than the stroke of a pen doesn’t sound like it saves much time, but in the long run it all adds up.

Computerised stock control opens the door for further digital integrations.

Combine your new inventory system with a job management software solution and you can benefit from having even more of your business operations accessible from digital devices.

Digital stock control catches inventory shortages

Running out of stock is a serious consideration for the trades and services industry, especially if you work in a niche area where parts and materials are highly specialised.

A contemporary digital stock control system will include the ability to add low stock reminders to individual inventory items within your system. Some systems also offer the convenience of setting a default ‘preferred supplier’ if you regularly order material and parts from a provider you trust.

Take Note: Your style of inventory management will heavily impact how useful a digital stock management system is for catching inventory shortages. For example, you may find such a system far more useful if you operate on a Just In Time (JIT) structure rather than a Fixed Time schedule. If you’re unsure about which operational system your inventory falls under, check out this handy guide detailing the most common ones here.

Consider this: Going digital also opens up the possibility of using additional connectivity such as barcodes or QR codes to scan parts and materials directly into your inventory.

Combine this feature with cloud connectivity and you can save heaps of time if you work in a trade or service industry that moves through stock rapidly throughout day-to-day operations.

Digital stock control systems mean cloud connectivity

Cloud capability is such a powerful tool. It makes the info you need available from anywhere and accessible from any internet-capable device.

The cloud takes inventory and stock management to another level, allowing for real-time interaction with parts and material lists, with any changes being instantly recorded and synced across all systems.

Digital stock management increases accountability

If you employ other trade or service professionals in your line of work, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to keep on top of your inventory when other people have access to it.

Going digital with your stock control system allows you to keep a better handle on who has access to your inventory and what’s going in and out.

Make sure to check out whether you can assign individual profiles to your employees when using a digital stock management system, as this can make it even easier to track inventory movements.

Digital stock control looks more professional

Appearances are everything when you work in a trade or service environment. Your reputation is just as important to customers as the work you complete for them, so it’s important to make sure that every moment you spend on a job adds value to their overall perception of both you and your business.

Instead of spending time on the phone checking whether a specific part or material is available at the shop, a digital stock control system instead puts the info at your fingertips.

This transforms even the simplest part requests from a ten minute back and forth to a simple button tap.

These are just a few benefits that come with digital stock administration and there are guaranteed to be others that are specific to your business or trade as well. Just be sure to do your homework and decide on a system that’s right for your style of stock management.

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Author – James Burgess

Content Specialist

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