Feature Updates

IMS July updates

Direct email imports

We have updated IMS to include direct importing of Purchase Order and Work Order Imports. Direct imports will immediately create the task in IMS for work order imports or immediately add the supplier invoice to your purchase order – as soon as the email is received by our mail server.

This allows you to action your work requests or review latest purchase orders as soon as they are sent to IMS.

When using direct email imports, if your supplier is on our Supported Supplier list you can now quickly and easily set up your own purchase order imports and create your own import email address: @imports.webims.biz.

Best of all, direct purchase order imports are free of charge for all customers.

For more information, please read our Email Import to PO documentation or contact IMS Customer Service for assistance.

Tracking email replies

Any replies to your email messages sent from IMS will now be recorded as replies that can be viewed in the IMS office interface. This allows you to capture all of your job information in the one place and gives you a record of every piece of communication between you and your client.

When the recipient responds to your emails, their email replies, including any attachments, will be stored in the system. As soon as they are received by our mail server they can then be viewed from the email’s View History or Task Notes (if you’re showing emails and SMS in Task Notes).

More info: Tracking Email Replies

Email delivery status

We have added new functionality to IMS so you can track the outcome of any emails you send from our system. All sent emails will list a status for every To, CC or BCC email address. Status options include Creating, Spooled, Sent, Deferred, Hard Bounce, Soft Bounce and Rejected.

IMS will also track and report on whether the email has been Opened, Clicked or marked as Spam.

More info: Email Delivery Status

Add Task Notes from Calendar

You can now add Task Notes (text or HTML) directly from the Schedule display window in your IMS Calendar. You no longer have to click on the task in the Calendar and open it in a new window to add notes. Instead, you simply click on the schedule and add your notes.

Projects: Document Visibility

If you’re managing larger projects with multiple contractors, our new Task Project Documents Visibility setting on the Edit Project screen can assist you to control which documents are displayed in the Project Documents tab on tasks within the project.

The default setting All Project & Tasks Documents will show all documents that have been uploaded to the project and any tasks within the project.  If you wish to restrict access so that only documents that have been uploaded to the project (from the Edit Project tab) are displayed, you can change this setting to Only Project Documents.

More info: Document Visibility

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the IMS Help menu.
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