Meet our AroFlo Users: New Plumbing Solutions

A successful business owner is one who pushes the limits of what his or her business is capable of every single day.

For Jarryd Brigham, being the Director of New Plumbing Solutions means continually growing an already successful business while always staying ahead of the competition.

But being spread across two offices in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Gippsland meant the demands of distance and an ever-expanding team were always on Jarryd’s mind.

As New Plumbing Solutions secured larger and more complex contracts, the transition from small to large scale business compounded these problems and began to strain job efficiency, while also demanding Jarryd invest more time into office admin.

Timesheets became more elaborate and operational tasks such as invoicing and inventory management took up more and more work hours. There was no other option, the company had fully outgrown its old business management software and it was time for a solution that could fully encompass Jarryd’s needs.

When New Plumbing Solutions joined the AroFlo community, Jarryd was quick to highlight areas of the business that could be streamlined and automated with AroFlo’s cloud-based job management features.

The ability to manage employees remotely while also syncing tasks like job scheduling or payroll across every AroFlo enabled device was a game-changer. This let Jarryd centralise his business and cut down on admin work, while ensuring that no matter what tomorrow brings, he’ll have the tools he needs to meet any challenge.

“Knowing the location of each technician was a massive advantage, allowing Office staff to check the calendar and allocate the urgent job to the closest technician”, says Jarryd.

With AroFlo keeping efficiency at an all-time high, New Plumbing Solutions finally has a software solution that’s capable of growing with them into the future.

Read more about Jarryd’s story here and find out how AroFlo helps businesses just like yours grow without compromising their vision.

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