New Plumbing Solutions Case Study

Ever dreamed of your business being one step ahead and reaching new heights?

This is what Jarryd Brigham Director of New Plumbing Solutions, envisioned.

With a small but successful plumbing business going strong, Jarryd Brigham, director of New Plumbing Solutions, dreamed of more – more customer satisfaction, more detail in the job and more revenue.

New Plumbing Case Study

Business Profile

What they do: New Plumbing Solutions performs plumbing maintenance, backflow prevention and routine water and sewer servicing.

Who they help: Commercial and local Government clients.

With AroFlo since: 2016

Located in: HQ Alphington, in Melbourne’s north, second office in Gippsland, Victoria

Industry: Plumbing

Number of employees: 70


The team at New Plumbing Solutions successfully secured large and ongoing Government contracts, a great opportunity for a small business to grow into a large one.

In order to service these important clients, Jarryd knew he had to make some decisions about how he was running his business. Crucially, he knew that his current business management software was limited and wasn’t going to cut it with the demands the new work would bring.

Always open to new technological solutions to everyday problems, Jarryd knew there must be a smarter way to streamline his business and prepare it for the growth he had planned. After taking the time to research, he chose AroFlo as the solution to enable his business to reach the success he’d envisioned.


AroFlo was hands down a gamechanger and the answer New Plumbing Solutions was looking for. Here’s why.

AroFlo let New Plumbing Solutions streamline everything into the one job management system –  conveniently recording contract requirements in one place; seamlessly integrating compliance forms; certifications and supporting documentations; flawlessly scheduling up to 30 jobs a day for an expanding crew of Technicians; and effortlessly monitoring the location of each technician via GPS tracking.

What’s more, AroFlo integrated with New Plumbing Solutions’ accounting software, saving countless hours of admin and freeing both Jarryd and his admin staff to focus on growth.

Another significant benefit was AroFlo’s integrated timesheets. Using the time tracking system ensures field technicians correctly capture their billable hours and invoice accurately.

“Knowing the location of each technician was a massive advantage, allowing Office staff to check the calendar and allocate the urgent job to the closest technician”

Jarryd Brigham, Managing Director — New Plumbing Solutions


New Plumbing Solutions has grown quickly, thanks to the efficiencies he’s been able to realise with AroFlo, the growth has been anything but painful.

One of his greatest decisions to date, was to move to a reliable job management solution that allowed him to centralise operations and streamline every aspect of the business, including scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, payroll, and much more.

Jarryd took full advantage of AroFlo’s extensive customisation options, configuring his AroFlo site to match and enhance his business processes. And the fact that AroFlo is cloud-based has meant he can manage his business on any device, from any location.

Increase in job efficiency
Time saving on managing timesheets
Saving on office admin

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