The vision was clear, embark on a journey to better time management & balance between business operations and service

That journey led them to AroFlo, and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Time-consuming administration and profitability slipping through the cracks; that was the reality for Sangster Electrical before saying goodbye to paperwork for good.

But when you're so caught up in pursuing work and completing jobs, it can be difficult even to find the time to realise that you're just keeping your head above water.

There was always the intent to find a better way to operate and cut down on the manual paperwork. But work is work, and any trade professional knows how easy it can be to push business building to the back of the desk and focus on today's jobs.

And like many trade business success stories, the manual processes and inefficient operating procedures culminated in huge time management and job tracking issues for the team at Sangster.

But unlike many trade businesses that buckle under the pressure of outdated operations, the team at Sangster saw the situation for what it was and decided in unison that it was time for a change.

What's been the major impact on your business?

For Sangster Electrical, choosing the right job management software was a simple process of picking the one that ticked the most boxes for their unique needs.

AroFlo's vast feature set was the perfect fit, with the team needing a little bit of everything to help their business run better and escape its time management woes. In other words, small efficiencies were the name of the game, with key features such as an integration with their existing accounting software, automated supplier invoicing, and digital timesheet management instantly ending time-consuming double-handling at Sangster Electrical.

The change to AroFlo was a big step up from the shared job sheet the team had relied on before, but the increased job efficiency and tighter time management quickly made up for any lost time getting started with job management software. Implementation was easy too, and all-in-all, Sangster Electrical were up and running with their new AroFlo system in just under a month.

During that time, the positives of adopting software over manual operations became clear. With everything in the same system, Sangster Electrical finally had the means to handle the day's work in one system, from quote to final invoice, plus any documentation they created along the way.

How are things going now you're up & running?

With AroFlo by their side, Sangster Electrical is looking to the future, and with admin time greatly reduced across the business, the team finally has time to focus on that future in earnest.

After just a month of digital operations, the team had grown into the system and begun using its advanced functionality to streamline its operations further. An all-in-one solution like AroFlo means quicker response times to quotes and automatic job information transferral, letting the business maintain 100% accountability across all profit-critical business channels, such as billable time and even materials.

By automating the parts of the job that sap time and resources, the team at Sangster has set themselves up for the kind of long-term success every trade business team dreams of, where work is prioritised without admin and operational efficiency getting in the way. But it's not a dream for Sangster; it's a reality, and now the team is ready for whatever the future has in store.

And in a region of New Zealand known for its growers, Sangster Electrical is growing its success faster than the rest.

Client Profile

What they do:

Light Industrial and Automation Electrical

Who they help:

Operation of Wineries and Fruit Pack houses, Irrigation of Vinyards, Orchards and Agriculture

With AroFlo since:



Electrical Contracting

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