The streamlined process of accepting, scheduling and invoicing jobs, something you simply can't achieve using pen and paper

A completely automated process was the dream for the team at MCI, a dream that has now become a reality.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

The pressure of growing a small business while still bringing in enough work to keep the doors open was a feeling that David knew all too well. Before AroFlo, his working life was spent with the phone glued to his ear, always managing the many parts of his business that needed constant attention. Jobs were scheduled by hand on a whiteboard, which David carried a photo of so he could keep track of where his team was at any given time. But the amount of work on the whiteboard continued to grow and the need for a more efficient solution became more pressing with each new job added. What MCI needed more than anything was a system that took the burden of background operations off its workers, letting them finally focus on growth and new opportunities.

What's been the major impact on your business?

AroFlo was the perfect fit for MCI, a comprehensive cloud-based system that completely automated the processes that had once taken David and the team hours of labour to complete. With a full calendar and scheduling system accessible from anywhere via both the Field and Office components of AroFlo, David could now instantly check where his team was and what they were working on. A fully integrated timesheet, payroll and invoicing system let both David and his employees create fully detailed documents and even push the resulting financial details over to their accounting package automatically. This was all achieved with remote guidance from AroFlo’s training team and constant support throughout the implementation process.

“AroFlo is the perfect place for a services-based business to start making their transformation from old school to the digital age.”

How are things going now you're up & running?

For MCI, the results speak for themselves. Now David has all the time he needs to focus on growing his business without worrying about its day-to-day running. And grow they have, with MCI moving from a $300,000 a year company to a $1.8 million a year company in the space of the three years they’ve spent with AroFlo. Invoices are now completed weekly instead of monthly and a decrease in time spent filling out timesheets and paperwork means a marked increase in overall billable hours. But for David and the team, the most valuable thing about AroFlo is that they finally have a job management software solution that’s capable of growing with them, wherever they decide to go next.

“AroFlo has provided the capability to schedule multiple complex jobs, something we couldn’t have done previously with the pen and paper methods we were using.”

Client Profile

What they do:

Manufacturing and installation of office furniture and commercial and domestic cabinetry.

Who they help:

A range of clients including other manufacturers needing timely professional services that fit organisational constraints.

With AroFlo since:



Joinery/Cabinet making

Number of employees:


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