Delayed quote responses and spreadsheets filled with outdated data, processes that were prone to error

AroFlo, a digital job management system took the manual work out of the equation, making business data usable and speeding up the quoting process.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Life before AroFlo was a time of great effort and frustration for the team at Squeeky Group. Delays in responding to client quotes, problem-prone processes and the previously mentioned spreadsheets filled with unactionable data. It was a frustrating environment for Simon and the team, with work so good that Squeeky Group's operational infrastructure could no longer keep up.

On the upside, the challenges facing the business were more than apparent. Everything needed to be brought up to date, with the company sorely needing modern cross-checking processes and an end to time-consuming error-prone workflows.

In short, the business had outgrown its manual processes, and an outside audit from a professional business consultant was the push needed to set a new trajectory for Squeeky Group. The high room for error created by the company's growth pains was a "self-confessed ticking time bomb," and drastic changes needed to be made to steer the business back toward the path of success.

The recommendation made by the consultant was heard and understood; get a digital system that takes manual work out of the equation, makes business data usable, and speeds up the quoting process. 

What's been the major impact on your business?

AroFlo's comprehensive suite of tools was the perfect fit for a business with operational teething problems. You never know what's needed to get a trade business back on track, but with access to a wealth of digital tools, Simon and the team easily got things under control.

Streamlining processes and improving communication were just the beginning. With the help of AroFlo's support and integration teams, Squeeky Group quickly solved their quoting and invoicing woes with a Xero integration that finally brought the financials in line.

In around a month and a half, the whole team went live with AroFlo, and since then, they've found so much more to love in extra functionality like event message emails and fully customizable quote and task pages.

How are things going now you're up & running?

Since getting on board with AroFlo, Simon and the team have enjoyed more work and stable growth, the dream of any trade business chasing greater success.

Being an Australian-made software designed specifically for the Australian market, Squeeky Group have found all the customization options they need to suit their unique business and industry.

The results are clear, too, with invoice turnaround time reduced from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 days and quoting times down from 1-2 weeks to 1-3 days too.

There's time-saving going on in the field, too, with digital paperwork completion efficiency saving technicians hours of admin every day.

Of course, there were questions to be answered along the way. But all it took to get things going again was a bit of help from AroFlo's support team to create a permanent solution using software, not unnecessary hard work.

For Simon and the team, the significant productivity increases have brought on a new era of stress-free service provision. The business doesn't just meet client expectations anymore. Now it exceeds them.

But that's to be expected when you've got a powerful business like Squeeky Group, backed by powerful job management software like AroFlo.

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Facilities Management, Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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State and local government, aged care, hospitality, commercial, medical and industrial

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Facilities Management, Maintenance, Commercial Cleaning

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