The pile of backlogged paperwork quickly became a mountain so high it was worthy of a safety installation

Anchored Heights now has its whole entire operations rolled into AroFlo and hasn't looked back, the benefits speak for themselves.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

The challenge for the team at Anchored Height Safety was clear, with a growing catalogue of incoming work and no formalised systems in place to understand the fundamentals of whether that work was positively affecting the business. Knowing where money was being made and where it was being lost was essential for the continued success of the business, and that takes time, diligence and, most importantly, documentation.

But being trapped in paper meant even tracking historical documentation was a nightmare, let alone handling the hundreds of sheets being created every day in the present.

There was always a plan for better operations, and the idea that job management software would solve all these woes was one the team knew of and was keen to try.

But it wasn't until a change in ownership that the conflict between continued growth and unscalable paper-based operations came to a head.

Growth wasn't being sacrificed any time soon, so the team agreed that it was time to say goodbye to paper and all its shortcomings for good.

What's been the major impact on your business?

Combining a good recommendation and a thorough investigation into the functionality and onboarding support available, the Anchored Height Safety team settled on AroFlo.

Going from no formal job management system to a fully integrated software solution, it was quickly decided that hiring a new operations manager and tasking them with understanding AroFlo and implementing it into the business was the way to go. By doing this, the team at Anchored Height Safety ensured that the use of their new job management system was tied directly to how the team would operate in the future; while also freeing up the rest of the team to focus on important tasks.

This was the recipe for a perfect implementation, and with full support from the project sponsor, the team decided on a phase-based rollout with two central foci:

1. A commitment by the entire team to utilise AroFlo fully.

2. A commitment to using AroFlo to collect rich business data for future analysis.

The clarity this created around AroFlo's implementation was a boon for the Anchored Height Safety team, helping them see both the instant and enduring value that operating entirely without paper creates.

From start to finish, Anchored Heights had its entire operations rolled into AroFlo in two and a half years. It sounds like a lot of time, but the rollout was highly strategic and phase-based, with short sprints to deliver incremental functionality while ensuring 100% uptake and buy-in throughout each phase. This chosen pace ensured a 100% effective implementation and 100% employee uptake.

It also allowed the team time to create functional internal reporting workflows, with significant data collected throughout the rollout, not just after the full launch.

How are things going now you're up & running?

After a month, quotes and other day-to-day tasks had become more systematic and far easier to produce for the Anchored Heights team. Added efficiencies and flexibility saw tangible results showcased daily throughout the business, such as better-tailored quotes created using digital inventory lists.

After a year, tasks and quotes had been fully linked from initial quoting all the way to task completion, creating a closed loop of operational power.

There are countless other processes and workflows that have also improved, but continual improvement across the board was the result that the team desired all along, and no matter what they need, they have the tools to achieve it.

Now is a time of continued success for the Anchored Height Safety team. But it's a success they've earned all on their own by knowing what their business needed and picking the perfect job management software to match.

Their commitment to a realistic rollout time and adherence to a strict procedure for their rollout has created lasting results.

The team at Anchored Height Safety has safely and successfully summited their mountain of paperwork and made it to the other side. Now all that's left to do is enjoy efficient operations and growth without compromise, all while helping tradies stay safe and secure on-site.

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Height access system installation, safety & compliance.

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Building owners & managers, Strata, builders and sub-trades (Solar, HVAC, window and façade experts).

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Height Safety

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