Bad visibility across the business and a lack of remote management options constantly led to confusion and lost time

With the desire to do things differently LA&E opted for AroFlo as their software of choice. Their future now looks brighter than ever.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Using software that’s unfit for purpose is a frustrating prospect for any trade business trying to grow its success, and the situation for LA&E was no different. To reiterate, the business’s issue was the lack of remote management options, making it impossible to organise both the office and the field without a physical presence in either.

Additionally, the software LA&E was using before AroFlo was incredibly slow and inefficient, meaning when work was on the go, it was seriously hampered by endless loading screens and no troubleshooting options.

That’s a rock and a hard place type situation, and it’s not like LA&E’s issues were isolated to complex systems that were unique to the business either. Processes as crucial as scheduling and invoicing, the main two cogs in LA&E’s business machine, were in jeopardy, and the solution was modern software emphasising visibility and interconnectivity.

What's been the major impact on your business?

Fast, professional tools that eliminate inefficiency and create business transparency. That’s what LA&E needed, and that’s what they got with AroFlo.

Widespread business inefficiency was no match for automated trade business software, and the business was ready to launch after a six-month implementation, in which LA&E shaped how they wanted AroFlo to work and what challenges they needed it to solve.

The changes have been dramatic, too. With one system automating every part of their day, the team at LA&E no longer worry about issues like stock availability and cash flow; they just open AroFlo, and everything they need is right there in front of them. Core processes like invoicing and scheduling are now a second thought, with AroFlo’s interconnectivity ensuring nothing is missed, even during busy periods with many jobs on the go.

There are no issues with remote management now, either, Because AroFlo’s web-based software is accessible from any location on any device, a huge timesaver for the team overall.

And with dedicated training and support throughout the process, LA&E always had help close at hand.

How are things going now you're up & running?

AroFlo has successfully covered everything the Lakeside Air and Electrical team needs to succeed, bringing their outdated operations into the modern era while saving the whole team from endless headaches at the hands of old software.

It’s also a strong recommendation from the team, who love how AroFlo has added efficiency to every part of their workday. Whether it’s scheduling, management tasks or working with clients, AroFlo has helped LA&E to do their jobs faster and more professionally than ever before.

But that’s just what happens when you combine AroFlo’s comprehensive software with a trade business that understands where it is right now and where it wants to be in the future.

And side-by-side with our software, that future looks brighter than ever.

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