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It was clear to everyone at CCMS that their system needed a serious overhaul and AroFlo’s cloud-based functionality was the perfect fit.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Needless extra work was what used to await Jake and the team at the end of every day. Timesheets were created using pen and paper and then entered into their existing software by hand. But it didn’t end there, with each timesheet also needing to be double handled and manually pushed across to an accounting package before payroll could be processed.

Even when all this was done properly, CCMS’ old software system lacked the option to report on this crucial financial information, meaning something as simple as calculating whether a job came in at a profit or a loss was yet more work.

The stress created by this struggle was felt by everyone within the business, with field team members taking more time on the job to fill out endless paperwork and office staff putting in extra hours to get everything processed and filed on time.


Of invoices done in minutes


Of automatic timesheets


Of increased productivity


Of success yet to come

What's been the major impact on your business?

It was clear to everyone at CCMS that their system needed a serious overhaul and AroFlo’s cloud-based functionality was the perfect fit. Recommended by an employee who had seen it in action, AroFlo allowed office and field staff to finally have the means to digitally process everything from job scheduling to timesheets from anywhere, and all within the one interface.

This was further enhanced by AroFlo’s interlinking with suppliers such as Reece, allowing CCMS to create and raise purchase orders within their job management software, before feeding that information into their accounting package with no double handling required.

AroFlo has helped CCMS expand without worrying about whether the logistics of the business can handle it, something Jake and the team have taken full advantage of.

“Our business has grown because now we have a system that is smart enough and can keep up with our needs.”

How are things going now you're up & running?

Within a month, CCMS had done away with physical paperwork entirely. Now utilising a modern job management system, the office team were suddenly spending a lot less time on payroll and other administrative tasks.

After a year and with the software fully integrated into the business, field technicians now spent only a couple of minutes each day logging their jobs, a huge change compared to the hours it took before AroFlo.

Best of all, with AroFlo’s comprehensive reporting systems in place, Jake finally has the means to gauge profitability and make informed decisions about the future of CCMS.

Now CCMS enjoys:

• Increased invoicing turnaround

• Increased staff productivity

• Reduced paperwork

• Faster timesheet completion

• More billable hours

• More overall revenue

Client Profile

What they do:

A complete building and maintenance solution for the construction industry. Specialising in plumbing, fitout, roofing and general maintenance.

Who they help:

Residential, commercial and government clients across South Australia.

With AroFlo since:



Central South Australia

Number of employees:

Over 20

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