The desire was clear, find a job management system that was capable of meeting the needs of an ever-expanding company

Now with 151 employees and counting, Hindmarsh Plumbing easily keep on top of every detail with a system that is capable of growing and meeting all business requirements.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

For the team at Hindmarsh Plumbing, each day began same way, with the service team having to collect their job sheets every morning before attending a job.

For office staff, this manual process demanded excessive amounts of time which only increased as more and more employees joined the business. Inefficient administration processes alone were sapping a huge number of working hours and this was beginning to affect other parts of the business.

What the business needed more than anything else was an automated web based system capable of eliminating paperwork and incorporating every aspect of job delivery into one easy to use solution.


Staff productivity


Billable hours


Timesheet entry


Invoicing time

What's been the major impact on your business?

For Hindmarsh Plumbing the a-ha moment came when they discovered AroFlo and saw how its features covered every professional requirement they had for a software solution. This included everything from scheduling, purchasing, timesheets and invoicing to compliance and reporting.

Having previously commissioned a custom-built program that eventually failed to meet their business requirements and cost-benefit testing, the team knew exactly what they were looking for and decided to roll AroFlo across the entire business after seeing the software inaction.

With paperwork all but eliminated the team now had time to grow while also increasing their reporting and job tracking capabilities.

“AroFlo has enabled us to gain efficiencies by going paperless. Our plumbers are now able to access jobs and information in real time rather than constantly visiting the office.”

How are things going now you're up & running?

After just a year the entire service team at Hindmarsh plumbing were using their AroFlo system to its fullest potential. With increased productivity and reduced travel time,plumbers could now focus completely on getting the job done, while admin staff could finally get on with keeping the business running proficiently and smoothly.

Hindmarsh Plumbing now has the means to secure larger and more profitable commercial and government contracts and with AroFlo’s project management capabilities they can easily keep on top of every detail across large projects.

For Ben and Daniel, the future is theirs to decide, but with a system in place that’s capable growing with them, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see pen and paper methods used at Hindmarsh plumbing again.

Today Hindmarsh Plumbing benefits from:

• Increased productivity

• Reduced invoicing times

• More billable hours

• Faster timesheet entry

• Interconnectivity between field & office

• Improved internal automation

Client Profile

What they do:

Plumbing, construction,water, and gas infrastructure.

Who they help:

Commercial, Domestic, Defence, Aged Care, Health, Education and Facilities/Venues.

With AroFlo since:



Plumbing & Construction

Number of employees:


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