MET Services Electrical needed a solution having outgrown their processes, systems and framework

MET's operations have now blazed forward thanks to the insight and infrastructure offered by AroFlo.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

Before getting on board with AroFlo, the most frequently spoken word at MET was 'outgrown'. The team had outgrown their processes, outgrown their systems, and outgrown the framework meant to ensure they wouldn't outgrow it all in the first place.

The upside to all this was that the issues they were experiencing were clear, and everyone knew what was going wrong and why it was so important to fix things quickly.

It all came down to excess admin time spent on simple tasks and frustratingly outdated processes that made time management unmanageable and workloads unreasonable. To put it simply, the business had outgrown everything, and the team were the first to admit that they were sorely in need of something more advanced.

That advanced solution came in the form of AroFlo's job management software, an integrated digital solution with capabilities far beyond what MET's current system could accommodate.

What's been the major impact on your business?

AroFlo's comprehensive toolset was the perfect fit for a business that knew what it wanted now but still needed to respect that continued growth demands you stay adaptable.

During a sit-down demo, the team at MET quickly began ticking boxes as they examined AroFlo's core functionality.

Labour could be updated on tasks and timesheets in one entry. Materials and their costs could be directly added to jobs by staff. Quotes, tasks, bills, labour, expenses and invoices could be linked to create an easy-to-view digital paper trail.

Not to mention a bundle of other time-saving efficiencies like a full integration with Quickbooks, advanced reporting functionality and even a full compliance management feature for handling MET's many certifications.

AroFlo had it all, and the versatility of software over paperwork was exactly what MET had been looking for to suit its business needs now and into the future.

How are things going now you're up & running?

There's a lot to cover regarding how AroFlo helped MET Services Electrical take their business to the next level. Reductions to non-billable admin for field technicians and an overall reduction in office admin meant staff at MET suddenly had far more time to focus on the task at hand.

The ability to manage data more effectively also saw client profiling become a central pillar of business operations, helping MET champion growth without losing sight of client needs.

Opting for a stage-based rollout of AroFlo also meant that the team had time to fully appreciate each piece of functionality before moving on to the next. This saw simple-yet-powerful functionality like one-and-done labour entry for field staff become cornerstones of MET's operations, with each new piece of functionality offering new possibilities to the team.

After a year of AroFlo, the increases in efficiency and staff morale saw significant boosts to productivity, paperwork turnaround, time sheeting accuracy and revenue.

With time, effort and a constantly growing database, MET has continued to blaze a path toward the operational efficiency they always knew they were capable of.

Now the business focuses fully on generating new work and expanding, with the insight and infrastructure needed to keep things on track no matter how big they grow.

All it took was an easy-to-use all-in-one system, and there's no sign that MET Services Electrical is slowing down now they've got AroFlo by their side.

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Electrical contracting services for Commercial, Industrial, and Marine sectors

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Other businesses throughout Southeast Queensland

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