A growing multi-trade business offering 24/7 servicing across plumbing, electrical and HVAC, that's no small feat

Together with AroFlo, Lexity have managed to expand their operations, streamline customer service and establish clear and effective lines of communication across three different core trade services.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

‘Effective Communications’ sounds like the topic of a toolbox talk, but it was the core challenge that Lexity wanted to address when they came over to AroFlo’s job management software.

With the business in its inception phase at the time, the team at Lexity saw the need for streamlined communications now, not later. After all, the sheer amount of communication that a trade business conducts each day can be staggering. Between technician appointment reminders, customer queries, arrival time notifications, and even responding to Google reviews, the average trade business can produce thousands of words of text each day.

Keeping up with a demand like this takes its toll on a team, and the long-term effects of inefficient communication can have a significant impact on response times across the board.

This is why Lexity wisely decided to swap to AroFlo before these types of issues cropped up at all.

What's been the major impact on your business?

The solution for Lexity regarding their communication concerns was as follows: automate as much of their correspondence as possible without sacrificing customer service and satisfaction. Features like automated SMS reminders, appointment confirmations and job updates have been a huge time-saving tool for the team. Add to this that such prompt communications quickly led to enhanced customer experience and more informed clients, and you can start to see just how effective automated SMS has been for the business.

That’s just the customers, too. Lexity’s office and field team also love the ability to quickly and easily pass on job details, updates and info without making a call. Using AroFlo’s SMS integration with MessageMedia to dispatch and cover their client and employee communication needs alike has seen the business able to take on more work and increase productivity across the board.

Not to mention that automated SMS is just the beginning of AroFlo’s wider toolset. Alongside smooth communications, Lexity loves the software for its other features as well. Straightforward scheduling is another huge component of a multi-trade business’s success, and Lexity takes full advantage of AroFlo’s intuitive calendar system, as well as powerful features like recurring work and real-time schedule tracking.

AroFlo’s reporting tools are also heavily utilised by the business, providing valuable insights that assist Lexity in growing its business using data-driven analytics and achievable milestones for future success.

But the match made in heaven for Lexity is, without a doubt, the connectivity between AroFlo’s checklists and its SMS functionality. The ability to complete tasks on-site, check them off and then have those completed checklist items alert other users throughout their entire system gives Lexity complete business transparency. Using SMS, both clients and internal stakeholders alike can be served with the proper information at the right time, and that has led to some amazing results for the business.

How are things going now you're up & running?

When it comes to success, the team at Lexity couldn’t be happier with both AroFlo’s software and their MessageMedia SMS integration: 

“Since adopting AroFlo, our team’s efficiency and productivity have soared. We’ve observed a significant increase in billable hours per technician, thanks to streamlined workflows and optimised resource allocation.” 

That’s the result you want when you commit to a complete software package like AroFlo, and the change has led Lexity further down the pathway of success as time has gone on.

Faster, more accurate and more efficient is the mantra the business follows in all its operations nowadays. Whether it’s generating invoices directly from completed jobs, creating professional-looking quotes with customised templates, or just sending a quick reminder SMS to a client, every workflow is now quick and error-free.

All in all it’s a story of ongoing success for Lexity, one built on the willingness to embrace the needs of their customers and provide them with clear, concise communication exactly when they need it.

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