Pure Plumbing Professionals’ rapid growth is a testament to their hard work and the power of software adoption

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The Pure Plumbing Professionals team has never been one to shy away from a challenge. Once upon a time, it was finding a software solution that scaled, but AroFlo fixed all that. Your average trade business would leave it at that, happy with a digital system that can grow with the business. But Pure Plumbing Professionals isn’t your average trade business. Jerram wanted more from his software and saw an opportunity to take things further with AI. 

Artificial Intelligence has already proven incredibly powerful when tasked with automating processes and completing basic jobs without human intervention. It makes sense then that AI would be an excellent fit for trade business operations, where small, tedious tasks that demand constant attention and upkeep are common. Of particular interest to Jerram and the team was AI’s ability to streamline and enhance customer relations, helping businesses personalise their customer service by tracking and marketing to their existing database more effectively.

But the business already had the perfect job management software solution. Jerram wasn’t about to ditch everything AroFlo offered and go all-in on the first AI-friendly customer relations software he encountered. Luckily, there was a way to have both. 

Through a previous integration with payment processor eWay, Jerram knew that AroFlo’s API could link up his job management software with any other software tool the business needed.

The plan then was simple:

  1. Find the perfect AI-driven platform.
  2. Integrate it with the API.
  3. Reap the benefits of AroFlo’s powerful software tools combined with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

What's been the major impact on your business?

Jerram and the team eventually settled on Podium as their AI-driven customer management software. The first on their list of reasons was the ease of connecting the two platforms. With Podium and AroFlo linked, every piece of data collected within the former can easily flow into the latter and vice versa. Another reason why Podium emerged as a clear winner was its ability to augment the existing workflows of Pure Plumbing Professionals rather than replace them entirely. Using AroFlo combined with Podium’s AI chat, for example, the team can engage directly with customers while gathering job details, scheduling appointments, and sending text message reminders for scheduled appointments. Podium’s AI (which the team affectionately calls ‘Steve’) can even manage customer responses, seamlessly taking over conversations where necessary and freeing the team up for more urgent tasks.

In short, the integration was a huge success. Podium’s customer management tools perfectly overlayed AroFlo’s powerful job management system, augmenting it with AI’s efficiency and reliability.

How are things going now you're up & running?

Unsurprisingly, Jerram and the Pure Plumbing Professionals team agree that the Podium/AroFlo integration has been a game changer for the business. Jerram is incredibly proud of being on the cutting edge, saying that he feels like the company is at the forefront of the AI generation, and it’s easy to see why from the results.

Thanks to Podium, AroFlo, and Steve the AI, Pure Plumbing Professionals now enjoy higher average sales and lower customer acquisition costs. As for the future, Jerram is confident that the data Podium is gathering will continue to be of great use to the business.

“The data we’re accumulating now will enhance the value of our business in the future, making it more attractive to potential buyers,” he says.

But regardless of whether he decides to keep or sell it, one thing is sure. Pure Plumbing Professionals is at the forefront of digital innovation in the trade industry, and from there, anything is possible.

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