Operating as a construction skills trainer out of sunny Brisbane, Mayerlyn puts AroFlo’s comprehensive software tools to work

Proving that AroFlo’s tools are applicable to so much more than just running a trade business.

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With previous experience using AroFlo to run a property services business, Mayerlyn knew that our job management software was a great fit for complex tasks with a lot of very specific details in play. Of particular use was the ability to keep track of clients and their needs from start to finish without needing extra software or systems to bridge the gaps.

But how does a trade job management software translate so well to a vocational education business? It’s quite simple, really. Just change the word ‘client’ to ‘student’, and you’ll find that AroFlo is just as good for tracking course progress as it is for tracking jobs.

This is because AroFlo solves one of the key problems that many businesses in or adjunct to the trades face: data management.

Handling data is a time-consuming and painful task, but it’s entirely necessary, or you risk serious operational problems down the track.

Missing client information, unreliable notetaking, unclear progress reports, and the inability to follow up on individual client needs with data rather than speculation. These are the kind of problems Mayerlyn wanted to avoid with AroFlo.

The same can be said for accessibility. Let’s face it: it’s 2023. Anyone in the trade skills education sector who doesn’t have professional software that’s accessible remotely risks poor student engagement and even poaching from other trade-skills businesses.

In other words, the ability to be present in every aspect of her professional work was what Mayerlyn needed from our software, and it’s what she got in spades when they came on board in 2023.

What's been the major impact on your business?

Pre-empting problems and solving them with AroFlo was the name of the game for Mayerlyn.

Data entry issues evaporated instantly when matched with digital data entry capabilities that push every bit of entered information across our entire job management software. Instead of scrambling to access individual student data, all Mayerlyn has to do is open the relevant section of AroFlo and find all the historical information about that student in one convenient place.

Efficient digital data management also makes it easy for her to work with their students without being shackled to a desk. AroFlo is always online and usable on any device, making follow-ups or urgent contact while away from the office a piece of cake.

There’s no manual data entry required when communicating with AroFlo either. For Mayerlyn, this means customisable templates for texts and emails, which help cut communication time down to three clicks and less than five seconds per individual correspondence, a massive time-saver throughout each working week.

And how does she spend all that extra time? Focusing on her students, of course!

With double-handling and manual entry effectively eliminated from the business, Mayerlyn can channel all her efforts into growing her success and further refining her AroFlo system.

How are things going now you're up & running?

Many professionals would hesitate at the prospect of using trade job management software to run a business outside of the core trades. But Mayerlyn has proven that when you’ve already got a solution that perfectly fits your needs, why bother changing anything?

After a month of AroFlo, Mayerlyn was communicating faster with clients, getting more work done, and even looking at ways to further improve her processes using the other aspects of our job management software.

It’s a strong thumbs up from her, too, with Mayerlyn recommending AroFlo for its ability to bring all aspects of her professional work into one system while linking seamlessly with other business-critical software such as Xero.

She loves that our software is always growing, too! With additional features, functionality and improvements always in development, Mayerlyn has all the tools she needs to move her business toward a bright future while remaining competitive in the cutthroat world of trade skills education.

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