Meet our AroFlo Users: Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

The eternal question when running a once small trade business is, how do you effectively grow while keeping the family-owned focus that customers have come to expect from your service? For Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions, the answer was simple, find a job management software that automates their administration and lets them focus on providing the best quality service they can.

Operating throughout Melbourne and surrounds, the Reed Plumbing and Drainage team are no strangers to hard work. With 25 employees and counting, the business holds industries such as air services, real estate, hospitals, and aged care in its long list of happy clients.

But having such a large pool of clients once meant mountains of paperwork and complex manual systems that demanded constant attention to maintain effective job oversight. The reality of this situation often saw field staff returning to base every night with job bags and documentation such as photos that had to be manually logged before business close. In particular, these photos were a central sticking point for effective operations, as the SD cards containing them were often lost or misplaced. Of course, this meant extra time locating information and a lot more double handling for the team to manage.

The writing was on the wall, and Reed Plumbing and Drainage needed to digitise or risk severe problems as their business continued to grow. Luckily, after a thorough search, they settled on AroFlo’s cloud-based job management software. With digital notes and cloud photo storage at their fingertips, the team quickly said goodbye to physical paperwork and hello to a truly automated admin system.

For Reed Plumbing and Drainage, their match with our job management software was one made in heaven. Or as director Jon Reed puts it, ‘We did look at another program, but AroFlo seemed much more intuitive and more customisable to our specific business”.

Now everyone at Reed Plumbing and Drainage can rest easy knowing that no matter how big they grow; they will never be stuck filling out paperwork by hand again.

Read their full story here, and if your business situation sounds similar, why not check out what our job management system can do to help you grow your business?

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