AroFlo Customisable
User Permission Groups

Job Management System & Field Service Software
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User Access Permission Groups

We know that not every team member should be able to have access to all features in AroFlo which is why AroFlo’s user access permission groups allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo.

You can create permission groups based on staff roles or responsibilities, limiting their AroFlo visibility for specific areas and fields.

Permissions may be applied to any segment in AroFlo, such as invoices – limiting the user’s ability to create, send or delete sales or part invoices – the choice is yours. Not only can you limit entire segments, but you can go into the specifics of individual fields and functions that appear within a segment such as limiting ability for a user to view the cost price and mark-ups of materials.

Grant or Restrict User Access Depending on Staff Roles

Grant or Restrict User Access Depending on Staff  Roles

Setting staff roles and responsibilities is important in any workplace, so assigning user roles with AroFlo is just as important. AroFlo User Permissions allow you to grant or restrict access for users to any area of the system.

Only want your apprentices to access jobs and timesheets?

AroFlo lets you pick and choose exactly what they see and use.  

Don’t want to overload your purchasing staff with every AroFlo feature?

Then only give them access to the areas that are relevant to their job.  

Job Management Software with Powerful User Access Options

Hide Specific Fields

AroFlo even lets you drill down to control who can view, create and edit certain features. Maybe you’re happy for field technicians to view the details for a client listed on their current job, but you don’t want them to see your complete list of clients. Or perhaps you want to hide specific fields such as order numbers or sales contacts. 

Activate More Features as Your Business Grows

AroFlo lets you control user access and restrictions with ease just a few clicks and activate more feature as your business grows. You can safely assign roles for each and every member of your team Including yourself.

Job Management Software with Powerful User Access Options

AroFlo User Permission Groups

AroFlo User Permission Groups come with three standard prebuilt groups Management, Supervisor and Worker from these you can build as many customised groups as you require that are totally suited to your unique business and teams. 

AroFlo User Permission Groups

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