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Powerful Field Service Software

A complete Field Management software accessible from any smart phone,
tablet or mobile device for tradies.

Manage your business from any location.

AroFlo’s Field Service Software is a web-based application that is accessible across any smart phone or mobile device. It’s designed to give you complete visibility across your entire business, so you stay in control.

Being a cloud-based job management solution, AroFlo gives you the flexibility to manage your business from any location – on the job, in the office, at home, or on holidays.

Field Service Software
Mobile Field Software

User Access Permission Groups

We know that not every team member should be able to have access to all features in AroFlo which is why AroFlo’s user access permission groups allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo. You can create permission groups based on staff roles or responsibilities, limiting their AroFlo visibility for specific areas and fields.

Permissions may be applied to any segment in AroFlo, such as invoices – limiting the user’s ability to create, send or delete sales or part invoices – the choice is yours. Not only can you limit entire segments, but you can go into the specifics of individual fields and functions that appear within a segment such as limiting ability for a user to view the cost price and mark-ups of materials.

Purchase Orders

Easy Field Mobility

Using smart phones or mobile devices, your field technicians can immediately share job information with office staff; saving time, eliminating paperwork and minimising costly mistakes.

Manage job sheets, create purchase orders, timesheet entry, compliance checklists, issue invoices, and take payments. It gives you complete real time visibility across your entire business, so you always stay in control.

Integrated Timesheets

Field GPS tracking

AroFlo’s superior GPS tracking system gives your business the ability to monitor, manage and increase productivity, capturing every hour on the job – even if staff forget. With a single click, automatically feed labour hours into your timesheets and job cards – you will never have to remember how long you were at a job ever again.

Material Management

Eliminate Office Paperwork and Increase Productivity

With AroFlo’s field service software, your teams will have real time access to current job and project information. Has a job been updated or changed in the office? No problem, all the job information will be instantaneously updated and visible in the field straight away. With up-to-date information, all the time, you can manage project and tasks in real time, improving productivity, accuracy and profitability.

With AroFlo’s handheld interface you can even capture signatures electronically out in the field on your smart phone or tablet. As a consequence, you’ll decrease the chances of important paperwork going missing from the job site to the office.

Material Management

Upload Documents and Photos

AroFlo’s Documents and Photo functionality makes it easy for users to upload, search, view and email documents or photos from anywhere, whether it be from the office or out in the field. Directly snapshot a photo with your camera within AroFlo or simply upload multiple from your camera roll and find them attached directly to the task.

In the field, it is common for tradies to take photos of the job to document progress and even report issues – all of these can be uploaded to the task in AroFlo saved and can be looked back on with a click of a button. Documents or photos can be instantly attached to Assets, Expenses, Inventory items, Projects, Users or even the document directory within AroFlo. Pictures can even be sent to the customer directly from the field.

From a smart phone or mobile device, you can manage all your documents, photos and videos within AroFlo, once the file has been uploaded you can filter the access visibility. Access visibility restricts who can view the uploaded documents.

Material Management

OH&S Occupational Health & Safety

AroFlo lets you manage OH&S requirements across your entire organisation. Field technicians can complete audit or risk assessment checklists from their phone or tablet, flagging any immediate issues for escalation.

Specific forms can even be made mandatory so field technicians can’t start the job until the form is completed and signed.

Manage your business from any location