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Online Field Management Software

A comprehensive field service management solution for all trades and services

Fully customisable features to suit your field service delivery workflows.

Our Australian-based customer support & training team will help you customise AroFlo to suit the way YOU work. We’re with you every step of the way. Every business has different workflows. AroFlo job management software is powerful enough to adapt to your workflows, taking the pressure off you.

Increase efficiency in the field with intelligent automation

It’s one thing to use software, it’s another to use it to your advantage. Our focus is on developing meaningful features that work for you.

Field Service Software
Purchase Orders

Everything a field tech needs, on their phone or tablet device.

Empower your field staff to get the job done, and reduce paperwork at the same time

Using a mobile device your field technicians can immediately update numerous aspects of job information against the digital job card. Ultimately saving time, significantly reducing paperwork and minimising costly mistakes.

  • Add labour, materials and expenses to the digital job card
  • Upload photos
  • Create quotes
  • Raise invoices
  • Create purchase orders
  • Complete task checklists
  • Safety and compliance checklists
  • Lookup client contact details and locations
Staff scheduling

Schedule your field team, your fleet vehicles, even your tools

Organise your team and resources with powerful scheduling and calendar views.

The calendar displays a summary of scheduled work. The calendar can be viewed by day, week, month, resource, time, list, etc. You can schedule staff or resources directly from the calendar view, or from within the digital job card. Using the GPS features within AroFlo’s calendar, you can create an efficient job run for your resources by scheduling tasks within the same area, or route urgent jobs to the nearest, available resource.

Calendar refers to the physical view of the calendar, whereas scheduling relates to the process of setting a time for individuals, assets and resources to attend a job.

Material Management

Keep the whole team up-to-date every minute of the day

Say goodbye to physical job cards. Both office and field staff can update digital job cards anytime, anywhere.

With AroFlo’s field service software, your teams will have real time access to current job and project information.

Has a job been updated or changed in the office? No problem, all the job information will be updated and visible in the field straight away. With up-to-date information, all the time, you can manage project and tasks in real time, improving productivity, accuracy and profitability.

Using your smart phone or tablet to access AroFlo’s field interface, you can capture signatures on site which are immediately available to the team back in the office. No more missing paperwork.

Integrated Timesheets

Use GPS to your advantage

Track vehicles, and the location of your field team as they complete checklist items on the digital job card.

Monitor, manage and increase productivity, capturing every hour on the job – even if staff forget. With a few simple clicks, staff can automatically feed labour hours into your timesheets and job cards. Taking the pressure off them to calculate work hours, travel time and breaks.

See your field team’s movements and activities overlaid on a map in real-time.

Live vehicle tracking is an add-on, with additional charges. Point-in-time tracking for checklist activity is included.

Mobile Field Software

You’re in control of what your team can see and do

Ensure the right people have access to only what they need. Managing permissions? Easy.

We know that not every team member should be able to have access to all features in AroFlo which is why we allow you to control what users can see and do in AroFlo.

You can create permission groups based on staff roles or responsibilities, limiting their visibility for specific areas and fields in the software.

Permissions may be applied to any feature in AroFlo, such as invoices – limiting the user’s ability to create, send or delete sales or part invoices – the choice is yours. Not only can you limit entire features, but you can go into the specifics of individual fields and functions that appear within a feature. Such as limiting ability for a user to view the cost price and mark-ups of materials.

Material Management

Use a phone camera to upload photos and videos from the field

Photos are often required as evidence for quoting, asset maintenance, and job completion.

In the field, it is common for field tradies to take photos or videos on the job to document progress, or report issues. AroFlo makes it easy for users to upload, search, view and email photos from anywhere.

Use your mobile device to take a photo or video from the digital job card within the AroFlo field interface. Alternatively, simply select photos from your device’s camera roll to upload.

Documents or photos can be instantly attached to Assets, Expenses, Inventory items, Projects, Users or even the document directory within AroFlo. Pictures can even be emailed to the customer directly from the field.

From a smart phone or mobile device, you can manage all your documents, photos and videos within AroFlo. Once the file has been uploaded, you decide who can access it and what they can do with it.

Material Management

Complete digital OH&S, JSAs, & compliance forms, on site

Create a variety of digital forms, and capture structured information from your field team, even subcontractors.

AroFlo lets you streamline compliance requirements across your entire organisation. Field technicians can complete safety audits or risk assessment checklists from their phone or tablet, flagging any immediate issues for escalation. Complete forms are stored securely against the digital job card for future reference.

Specific forms can even be made mandatory so field technicians can’t start the job until the form is completed and signed.

“We couldn’t have grown from just me to having a 40-strong team if it wasn’t for AroFlo.”

Marty Wittebol, Managing Director, Alpha Cool

“I recommend AroFlo to every single small business I know. But I probably should keep it as my own little secret!”

Stuart White, General Manager, AMT Industries

“AroFlo freed me up to chase new business – including starting a new company. It changed my life!”

Michael Brewitt, Director, Velocity Electrical
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