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features_sms_gatewaySMS job notifications the easy way

We have implemented SMS messaging from within AroFlo so you can keep your customers and your field staff up to date instantly.

Messages can be sent from the office console anywhere there is a mobile number or you can setup SMS events to automatically trigger based on rules you have setup.

Examples of SMS events:

  • Send a message when you assign a guy to a job.
  • Send a message to a client when your guys have commenced travel to the site or arrived at site or both.
  • Send a message when you mark off a check list item, you decide and you can configure combinations of rules.

These SMS message events are only a few of the automated rules you can configure in AroFlo to get your messages out there.

SMS Gateways

We have partnered with Message Media as our prefered Post Paid and SMS Central as our preferred Pre Paid gateway provider and negotiated fantastic rates for you.


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In addition to SMS Central we have setup SMS Broadcast as a secondary Pre Paid gateway provider for you so that you have a choice.