iWILL Building Management Case Study

As a new business start-up, it’s important to make sure that the systems you have in place before you launch are ones you can depend on now and into the future. For Ian Williams and the team at iWILL Building Management, the need to hit the ground running lead them to AroFlo.

A relative newcomer to Sydney’s competitive and well-established market of boutique facilities management, Ian and his team knew that to compete, their business needed to be reliable, professional, trustworthy and willing to go the extra mile compared to their competition.

They chose a job management software solution that shares these four values and with AroFlo at their side, they’ve taken their market by storm.

iWILL Building Management

Business Profile

What they do: Integrated maintenance and cleaning services

Who they help: Strata managers and committees

With AroFlo since: 2018

Located in: Sydney, NSW

Industry: Boutique facilities management

Business size: Small


As a small business operating in a competitive market, Ian and the team face strong opposition on two key fronts.

The first is time sensitivity, with the team at iWILL needing to automate the administrative aspects of their business as much as they can, to allow for more ‘on job’ time and an overall increase in billable hours.

The second consideration is keeping costs under control. In such a price sensitive-environment as facilities management, the need for complete financial oversight within a business such as iWILL is a constant concern.


With AroFlo’s easy to use design and quick implementation process, iWILL were able to begin using their new job management software system just before their first-ever contract.

With a versatile set of features backing their everyday operations, Ian and the team quickly automated large parts of their business, leading to more time spent working and less time spent filling out paperwork.

The ability to track tasks, activities, notes, time and customer correspondence gives iWILL the edge as crucial business data can be logged and accessed by all in just a few seconds.

For Ian this is a boon of information, letting him generate tailored reports that are just as useful for keeping an eye on the success of his business as they are for focusing on their service and customer satisfaction, regardless of whether he’s at the office or in the field.


“I would recommend AroFlo to other businesses for its versatility in providing an office and mobile platform, and a system that can be tailored to suit any similar business.”

Ian Williams – iWILL Building Management


With AroFlo, Ian and the team have secured the means to operate efficiently and professionally while maintaining low operating costs.

The use of well-designed forms and systems for capturing information has ensured the business can capitalise on every available opportunity, letting iWILL stand apart as a recognised member of Sydney’s facilities management industry.

By taking AroFlo’s open-plan functionality and fitting it exactly to his unique needs, Ian Williams has secured a job management system that works for him every day of the week, all year round.

“Whilst using AroFlo over the last two years we have been learning more about our business and what we do.”

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