Ditching the pen and paper and having business information at your fingertips is a dream shared by many business owners

Alex Hall from AC Hall Airconditioning wanted all this, and more. And he got everything he was looking for with AroFlo job management software – a fool proof solution that transformed the entire business.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

When you run a business that does most of its work onsite, your job management tool needs to work in the field.

Traditional server-based models restrict your ability to do business in a quick turnaround environment. What if you need to send a quote or invoice on the spot? Or order parts ASAP?

You can’t afford to wait until your boys bring their paperwork back to the office – and that’s if they don’t forget it or lose it somewhere along the way!

For Alex Hall from AC Hall Airconditioning this was a daily pain hampering his business progress. So Alex decided to ditch the pen and paper and switch to AroFlo, a cloud-based job management system with an intuitive mobile interface that makes life so much easier for his crews in the field.


Business automation


Paperwork & spreadsheets


Fuel & time savings


Time wasted on timesheets

What's been the major impact on your business?

AroFlo has helped AC Hall Airconditioning become fast. Faster at turning around quotes and invoices. Faster at accessing job information. And faster at getting work done.

Before AroFlo came along, AC Hall’s admin team manually created invoices. The process was slow. They relied on paper timesheets to be handed in and hardcopy purchase orders and supplier invoices to arrive. Now their invoicing turnaround is twice as fast.

Alex says: “Everything is now in AroFlo. The purchase order automatically attaches to the job and timesheets are accurate because the guys enter them on their phones as they go.”

Alex’s team no longer has to tediously record every part, price and task detail for standard service jobs. Instead, AroFlo’s prebuilt assemblies can be instantly added to invoices and quotes. And supplier invoices can be automatically imported into the system – no data entry required!

Another big bonus is AroFlo’s seamless integration with Xero. The two systems ‘talk’ to each other which eliminates doubling-up on data entry.

AroFlo’s field access also has huge benefits. Technicians can view the full service history and details of their current job, accurately quoting and invoicing on the spot. And Alex’s team are loving the extra time in their day. They no longer have to drive up to 1.5 hours from the site to the office just to submit paperwork.

All this comes together in a strategy that’s helped AC Hall become a fast, proactive business, that’s winning tenders and staying ahead of the competition.

How are things going now you're up & running?

With an increase in cost savings, improved business process automation and paperwork banished for good, AroFlo has helped AC Hall enter the modern age.

“The beauty of AroFlo is that everything you need is in the one central place. It puts your entire business at your fingertips.”

• One system for job management and accounting

• Increase in billable hours

• Fuel cost savings

• Faster invoicing turnaround

• Paper-free timesheets

• Pre-built assemblies – parts and pricing auto-added to quotes

• Auto-invoice imports from 200+ industry suppliers

• Instant access to all historical service reports

As a business, you need to be smart, flexible, agile and professional. That’s why we’re proud of helping businesses like AC Hall Airconditioning streamline their businesses with the latest technology.

As Alex puts it: “Before AroFlo everything we did was paper-based. Since we made the switch we’ve saved a massive amount of time, and become a much more productive and profitable operation.”

Client Profile

What they do:

AC Hall Airconditioning is a mechanical services contracting business offering building service audits, system design reviews, drafting and inhouse engineering. They service and maintain existing air conditioning systems, as well installing new solutions.

Who they help:

Industrial, commercial, educational and domestic clients.

With AroFlo since:



Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Number of employees:


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