Scheduling 40+ technicians and invoicing were a slow and cumbersome process with a paper-based system

With AroFlo's easy-to-use interface, paperwork was eliminated, admin processes were streamlined and invoices are issued on the spot.

Let's talk about your WorkLife before AroFlo

For recording jobs and for invoicing, GB Electrical had a slow, cumbersome, paper-based system. Administration employees were overloaded with seemingly endless paperwork. The old system often caused frustration for staff in the field.

There was a lack of control and transparency through the system, there were cash flow issues and inaccuracies often affected revenue collection.

The company needed to come into the 21st century but the systems that Director Darren Andrews had examined were either inadequate or too complicated.

What's been the major impact on your business?

The complex nature of the GB Electrical business combined with in-house IT skill limitations, meant that the company needed a flexible system that was easy to use and could be adapted to each of the business units.

The solution for GB Electrical was AroFlo. AroFlo is a powerful web based tool that allows service calls and projects to be centrally managed from time of log on, through to invoicing.

AroFlo was introduced gradually, one service unit at a time. With Field Staff receiving and using a smart phone instead of paper, the first week of implementation was very different for them. AroFlo’s support team was on hand to ensure all issues were managed. Yet, despite nervousness from some users, it took only 2 – 5 days for GB Electrical units to be running with minimal teething problems.

As an easy-to-use handheld interface, AroFlo enabled field service personnel to add resource information and close-off jobs ready for invoicing. Paperwork was eliminated and admin processes were streamlined.

"We’ve been using AroFlo since 2006 and without it we couldn’t manage our complex business operations. We can view and track all job details from anywhere – it makes everything so much simpler!"

How are things going now you're up & running?

With the implementation of AroFlo, the management team at GB Electrical very quickly realised that they had a great deal more control, that cash flow was decidedly better and that the time savings were huge.

Suddenly, jobs were better organised and all details were viewable by multiple staff. Invoicing accuracy improved significantly and control of inventory was much better.

GB Electrical estimates measurable gains as:
  • 10% increase in billable hours
  • 50-80% time saved in invoicing
  • 80% time saved managing timesheets
  • 60% time saved by field technicians doing paperwork.

Client Profile

What they do:

GB Electrical is an electrical contracting company.

Who they help:

Residential, industrial and commercial markets.

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