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April 2019 AroFlo Latest Product Updates

Our latest AroFlo updates provide greater flexibility to control user visibility within AroFlo notes. Our supported supplier list has grown substantially and we are pleased to announce the expansion of our bulk import mapping templates.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights:

  • Office: Quote Acceptance Status Now Live
  • Office: More Supported Suppliers
  • Office: Default Note Restrictions
  • Office: New Bulk Import Mapping Templates
  • Office and Field: GPS Tracking Changes Coming Soon
  • AroFlo: Webinars
  • AroFlo Hot Tip Video: Accounting Integrations
  • What’s in the pipeline?
  • AroFlo AFL and NRL Ladders

Office: Quote Acceptance Status Now Live

AroFlo now offers the convenience of an optional field called ‘Acceptance Status’, which will appear when you set your quote Status to ‘Approved’. This feature is particularly handy if you want to record your clients’ acceptance of your quotes.

Office: More Supported Suppliers

Great news: AroFlo has added a number of new suppliers to our Supported Suppliers List. These suppliers include:

  • Optical Solutions Australia
  • A Wood Shed
  • Bretts Timber and Hardware
  • Versace Timbers
  • Electrical Cable Duct Systems
  • All Steel
  • MRC Global
  • Australian Airconditioning Distributors
  • Remtron Automation
  • BW Plumbing Supplies
  • Bowral Electrical Wholesaler
  • Idealair Group
  • Lawrence & Hanson (L&H)

Our Supported Suppliers List is always growing. Send us a request if you’d like us to add your favourite supplier.

Office: Default Note Restrictions

Do you like to record information within the Notes section of Tasks, Quotes, and Purchase Orders? Perhaps you’d like to add notes that are only appropriate for specific users. AroFlo now offers the ability to control the visibility of Notes to specific users and permission groups.

Remember: you need to be using permission groups to access this feature.

Office: New Bulk Import Mapping Templates

Enjoy our latest improvement to AroFlo’s bulk data import tool. We’ve recently added some new supplier-specific mapping templates for bulk importing inventory items. This handy addition makes mapping your inventory columns even easier.

Office and Field: GPS Tracking Changes Coming Soon

We’re working on some changes to our GPS tracking system to offer you greater flexibility. The main change is that we will be tracking assets and linking users to them, rather than tracking users.

These changes will be available shortly. We will be in touch soon with more details.

AroFlo: Webinars

Need to increase your AroFlo knowledge and build your skills?
Check out our weekly webinars designed to give you an extra helping hand.
Our 30-minute sessions offer a basic overview and will also delve into our software’s advanced features to help you get the most out of your AroFlo system.

AroFlo Hot Tip Video: Accounting Integrations

Do you experience issues that prevent your data from successfully transferring from AroFlo to your nominated accounting package? Check out our Hot Tip video below for a few recommended steps to avoid common errors.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Further Site Admin setting makeover
  • Acceptance status update
  • Multiple Component Tax Rates
  • Default print email settings

AroFlo: AFL and NRL Ladders

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about any of our latest updates, call and book in a session with one of our friendly Customer Service team members, or send us a support request via the AroFlo Help menu.

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