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April 2020 AroFlo Updates

Although there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the current environment, there are many silver linings to be grateful for and appreciative of. Many companies have received a unique opportunity to learn and grow from this experience.

We don’t often receive the chance to reflect on the way our business is run. This is an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate your business processes and to ensure your existing systems run efficiently.

Last month we released several enhancements within both the Office and Field interfaces to streamline your work processes even further. We also posted a checklist to help prepare your company for business post-COVID-19.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights.

  • Bulk Data Import: New Fields Available
  • Calendar: Lock Schedule Permissions
  • Field: Access Email Templates
  • Timesheet: Weekly Locking
  • Task: Filter by Task Type in ServiceTrack Current
  • Checklist: Preparing for Post-COVID-19
  • Introducing the AroFlo Forum
  • What’s in the pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Bulk data import: custom fields available

You’ll be pleased to know we have updated the Bulk Data Import tool and you can now import custom fields on assets and clients.

Look out for the next update, which will be for custom fields on locations.

AroFlo Office:

Calendar: lock schedule permissions

Did you know schedules can now be locked by a user in the Management or Supervisor permission group?

This is handy to avoid accidental changes by other users, as general users only have the ability to view schedules within the lock status.

AroFlo Field:

Access email templates

Does your team send emails frequently from the field, e.g. quotes, invoices and purchase orders?

They now have the ability to access your company’s email templates direct from within Field interface, saving a great deal of time. The consistent layouts will help to instil confidence in your clients.

You may also like to learn more about the benefits of a great first impression.

AroFlo Office:

Timesheets: weekly locking

You’ll be happy to know AroFlo provides an additional level of security with timesheet entries. Once a timesheet has been signed off for the week it will no longer be editable:

– Individual labour and timesheets expense entries will be greyed out

– New labour entries or timesheet expenses will no longer be able to be entered

– any document or photo linked to a locked timesheet expense will become read only

A manager or supervisor will need to reverse the weekly sign off to allow for any changes to be made to individual entries. This change helps pave the way for additional features we’re working on to make labour recording and payroll even easier.

AroFlo Office:

Task: filter by task type in ServiceTrack > Current

We recently introduced a new task type filter to use when viewing your current tasks. Simply click the magnifying glass in the ‘Type’ column to select task types.

The task type filter can also be used with other available filters (such as assigned resource and substatus). You also have the ability to create a unique URL, allowing you to bookmark a filter combination using your web browser.

Aroflo Office:

Checklist: preparing for Post-COVID-19

Keep running the show from home by spending your downtime sinking your teeth into this checklist. These items will save your business hours in the long run and help you prepare for the influx of work after COVID-19.

AroFlo Community Forum

Your special invite…

We are excited to bring to you the AroFlo Community Forum, a hub to host our latest announcements, new feature updates, and our blog articles. Most importantly, the forum will become a knowledge-sharing platform, a place to discuss and share your ideas on your specific industry or a particular aspect of your business with the wider AroFlo community.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • What’s in the pipeline?
  • Project Timeline view (GANTT Chart)
  • MYOB AcountRight Live Timesheet Integration
  • Daily Timesheet approval
  • Link quote items to invoice line items
  • Display linked line items on layouts
  • Edit names on Document and Photos
  • Start or stop a job timer with checklist items
  • Add documents and photos to checklist items

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