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Automated Timesheet Enhancement | More timesheet automation options than ever

If you hate how much time you lose adding recurring events and complex overheads to your timesheets, then you’ll be excited to hear that we’re tackling those issues in an upcoming update to AroFlo.

Soon you’ll be able to add multiple types of overtime to your automated timesheets, letting AroFlo account for changing overtime rates throughout the day such, as time & half, double time and double time & half.

You’ll also be able to add multiple recurring events to each working day, so morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are always accounted for when it comes time to settle your timesheets for the week.

Our timesheet updates aim to help you further cut down on the time you spend logging timesheets every week, allowing you to focus on the more important parts of running your business.

When this update goes live, you’ll be able to skip the frustration of manually handling scaling award rates while also accounting for daily events such as your morning meeting without touching your automated timesheet system.

It goes without saying that employees will love it too. With all their overtime automatically logged by AroFlo and lunchtime booked out, they’ll have more time to focus on completing work and creating more billable hours for you.


James Burgess

Content Specialist

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