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AroFlo October Updates

Over the past 6 months we have doubled our development team. Yep, you heard right – we’ve doubled the number of developers who tirelessly work away on our lengthy list of customer enhancement requests.

Investing in our development team means we can continue to deliver what we consider to be the industry’s most affordable, full featured job management system. This month alone has seen us release some huge advancements that will not only change the way you use AroFlo but produce huge benefits for the way you run your business.

Tracking Centres

Our new tracking centres functionality will change the way you manage project costs and hugely benefit your accounting practises. Tracking centres are used to categorise or group labour, materials, freight and/or expense items for reporting purposes.

Once set up, tracking centres can be automatically assigned to items on a quote, purchase order, task or invoice to enable flexible and refined reporting on different areas of your jobs, projects or even across your entire business.

We’ll also be building on our Tracking Centre functionality in the weeks ahead to allow Project Managers to categorise costs according to the way your project is managed. This level of cost reporting will let you see how job or project costs are being allocated and provide early identification of cost over-runs or cost areas that could be tightened up.

More info: Tracking centres

Easy access in the field : My Certifications

AroFlo users in the field can now easily access their certifications while they’re out on-site or on the road. A new feature has been added to the Field interface menu called My Certifications.

Base users can view their own certifications, while Manager and Admin users can view certifications for all users.

Theme options

Want a different colour theme for your office and field interface? No problem.
You can now independently change the themes for AroFlo Office and Field.

In Site Admin you will find separate theme settings for Office and Field at: Service > Options > Themes.

More info: Themes

Manually processed purchase orders

Manually processed purchase orders or invoices will now include details highlighting that they have been manually processed, along with a date/time stamp and details of the person who completed the action.

Short and sweet

  • We’ve added cost of goods sold for Purchase Order Imports into AroFlo.
  • We’ve updated page numbers in inventory to make it easier to view and change inventory pages.
  • Location Task Notes will now show on the task, much like Client Task Notes.
  • You can now filter task and invoice reports using the Reported By/Task Reported By fields.
  • We have added Quote Sub status to task reports.
  • To cater to our ever-expanding New Zealand customer base, we’ve added new NZ suppliers to our list of supported suppliers for invoice imports: Electroquip; Lighting Plus Ltd; Manufacturing Suppliers Ltd; Schnieder Electric & TCS.
  • Australian based Engineering Computer Services has also been added to our full list of supported suppliers.

Coming Soon

Tracking Centres

We are adding a brand new report category specifically for tracking centres. This will allow you to produce detailed reports on tracking centres and handy totals for all tracking centres.

Supported suppliers

We are adding no less than 11 new suppliers across a range of industries to our list of supported suppliers for invoice imports.

Documents & photos upgrade

We are working on some exciting improvements to AroFlo’s documents and photos functionality. These enhancements will make it even easier for you to upload, search, view and email documents or photos both in the office or out in the field.

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the AroFlo Help menu.

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