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AroPoint – Track your Fleet and your Assets from anywhere

When we last covered AroPoint GPS, we answered your most pressing questions about how our system works and what makes it a fantastic tool for increasing business oversight.

This time we'd like to take the opportunity to delve further into the fantastic things you can do with our fleet-tracking devices and introduce the other half of AroPoint, our asset-tracking system.

As a savvy trade, construction or service professional, you no doubt already know just how valuable GPS can be for helping you and your employees get around throughout the day. But you might not know that GPS tracking devices also allow you to do much more regarding how you run your business. From something as simple as knowing where all your vehicles and assets are in the field to multi-layered employee accountability systems that ensure your employees properly represent your brand. All this and more is easy to accomplish with AroPoint GPS and one or more of our supported tracking devices installed and synced with your system.

We've broken this article into two sections for ease of reading. We'll start by reviewing our existing Fleet Tracking system and then cover our Asset Tracking capabilities. Please note, however, that AroPoint is a complete solution, so what we'll be covering here is just the beginning of what you can achieve with both systems combined.

We'll start with fleet tracking, perhaps the most common type of GPS tracking utilised by trade businesses.

AroPoint Fleet Tracking

The success of any trade, service or construction business is often determined by how adaptable its professionals are while on the move. The more efficient your team is, the more work they can complete, which, in turn, delivers better customer experiences and ultimately leads to a healthier bottom line for your business.

AroPoint brings fleet efficiency to the forefront of your business operations by streamlining and simplifying how you track your work vehicles and manage the employees who drive them. Simply put, our system offers many things to track and even more ways to track them, leading to a customisable GPS solution that suits your exact circumstances.

For example, your timesheets can be managed entirely by entries pulled directly from your GPS tracking data. Once GPS timesheets are enabled across your business, completing payroll is as simple as pulling daily tracking information from field users and approving each entry back at the office.

Or maybe you need to know how often your employees travel between designated work zones. Set up a geo zone, and AroPoint will begin tracking how often your fleet vehicles enter a zone and even how long they spend there.

Job scheduling is also a breeze with geo zones. Once AroPoint is up and running, you can begin assigning your employees, subcontractors and even resources to jobs based on the area they are working in for peak workforce efficiency.

Geo zones also feed neatly into AroPoint's employee accountability features, which can increase your workforce visibility without needing constant manual observation. With a device fitted to a vehicle, you can start keeping an eye on how your employees operate in the field. You can check in on everything from whether they are obeying the speed limit to how long it takes them to travel from one job to another.

It's easy to see how even a single tracking device can add many options to how you run and monitor your business. But the best part is that the more devices you add, the more useful your web of company oversight becomes. This also includes AroPoint's latest flagship feature, and believe us when we say that AroFlo's asset tracking capabilities are just as amazing as its fleet tracking system.

AroPoint Asset Tracking

As your business grows, so does the number of assets you need to track. This is vital in the trade, service or construction sector as certain assets can cost upwards of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit.

But you didn't come here to be told how important it is to monitor your expensive assets. What you need to know is how AroPoint makes asset tracking an easy and completely automated process.

With our Yabby and Oyster asset-tracking devices, you can rest assured that you'll always know what you have in the field, no matter which job your resources are assigned to.

After you add an asset to AroFlo, all you need to do is attach a GPS unit to the asset, and you can begin tracking it immediately. There's no limit on what you can track too, but we'll give you some examples to show just how versatile our asset tracking infrastructure can be.

For assets left on-site when work ends for the day, you can add trackers to things like toolboxes, scaffolding, generators and even portable toilets. Now, if something ever disappears overnight, you'll know exactly where it went. Or add a geofence to an area, and if a tracked asset travels outside the zone, you'll be alerted right away.

If you rent out any assets or need to leave large items in place for long periods while work is underway, our asset-tracking devices are a perfect choice. Electronic road signs, billboards, portable lights and even modular cabins can all be tracked just like any smaller assets. If your larger assets move around a lot, attaching a tracking device can be a huge timesaver as it allows you to assign assets based on their proximity to the next job.

You can also track large machinery in much the same way. Whether it's an excavator or a woodchipper, AroPoint can quickly tell you where your asset is and help you decide where it's going next even quicker.

This list of what you can track could go on forever, but to cut a long story short, if you need to monitor an asset, AroPoint can do the job.

So, the only question left to ask is, when do you want to get started?

AroPoint is the ultimate GPS solution for tradespeople, builders and service professionals looking to maximise their business oversight and get the most out of GPS functionality.

And with our asset tracking capabilities, all you need is a Yabby or Oyster device to start adding asset management to your everyday business tracking capabilities.

This may sound like a lot to take in, but you'll be pleased to know that starting with AroPoint is much easier than you'd think. For more reading, check out our guide on everyday situations that AroPoint solves, and when you're ready, get in touch with our customer service team. We'll help you take advantage of everything that our GPS functionality can offer your business, including both asset and fleet tracking as a standard part of our software service.

Or maybe you’re new to AroFlo?

AroPoint is just one part of our complete job management software package. We help trade, service and construction businesses just like yours empower their operations and grow with the help of cloud-based software built for the specifics of your industry. Click here to book a demo, we'll show you what our solutions can do for your business and its future success.

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