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AroPoint – Everyday scenarios solved by our GPS functionality

Last time we covered AroPoint, we answered your most pressing questions about what makes AroFlo’s GPS such a great tracking tool to have in your professional arsenal.

Since then, we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our users highlighting what they’ve achieved using AroPoint and how it has allowed them to revolutionise their business logistics.

In this article, we’ll show you three examples of how real AroFlo users have made the most out of AroPoint. Note that these scenarios are only the beginning of what you can achieve with our GPS, with some amazing new functionality on its way (stay tuned to find out more about this very soon).

Scenario 1: Whole-fleet tracking

Running a fleet of vehicles is almost as tricky as finding the right professionals to staff them. For one of our AroPoint users, the success of their business required them to know where every single vehicle in their fleet was at any given time.

Previously the business had only ever used GPS capabilities to show technicians where their next job was and never as a tool for business oversight. But with devices attached to every vehicle in the fleet and AroPoint fully enabled across the business, they now had the visibility they sorely needed.

Each GPS tracking device fed live data back to home base and let office staff assign technicians to jobs remotely. AroPoint also let them quickly see whether an employee was at a job, on the way to one, or even if they stopped for materials along the way.

Such a vast amount of business oversight allowed our AroFlo user to grow their fleet further, safe in the knowledge that they could keep tabs on everything in the field.

Scenario 2: Geo Zone Scheduling

As your business grows, so too does the need to look for small improvements to overall efficiency. In the case of another AroFlo user, adopting AroPoint turned into a far more significant improvement than they ever thought possible.

The problem for them wasn’t a lack of technicians working in the field but the sheer number of jobs coming in each day. Luckily, our user found that with tracking devices enabled in their fleet of vehicles, they now had access to AroPoint’s Geo Zone Scheduling capabilities.

It works by making employees, subcontractors and even resources assignable to jobs within AroFlo based on how close they are to a flagged map zone.

Now rather than assigning the next available employee to a job, our AroFlo user began to assign technicians to work based on how close they were to the client.
Overall benefits included reduced travel time for employees, more billable hours for the business and more happy clients who were amazed at how promptly their service provider could have a technician at their door.

Scenario 3: Locating Suppliers as A Field Technician

So far, the scenarios we’ve covered have explicitly dealt with business owners who administrate, but here’s one for any business owner who works in the field.

Our user worked with a team of other technicians to deliver their service across a wide area, but that wasn’t the problem. The issue for them and their team was locating reputable suppliers that didn’t require them to backtrack or detour on the way to the next site.

After all, the longer you spend sourcing materials and parts in between jobs, the fewer jobs you complete each day. Add to this that such a large area of operations meant that knowing local supplier locations from memory wasn’t always possible, and you can see the issue.

The answer was easy, though, as AroFlo’s job management software already lets you add suppliers’ details to your system and draw on this information at will, including while using AroPoint.

Now, when our user adds a supplier to AroFlo, that location is stored and can be quickly accessed to find a retailer on the way to the next job.

These scenarios are just the beginning of what you can achieve using AroPoint, and there’s so much more it can offer your business. If you’d like to see it in action for yourself, get in touch or book a demo, we’d love to show you why our GPS is a cut above the rest.


James Burgess

Content Specialist

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April 21, 2021
James Burgess
Feature Updates
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