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AroPost - April 2024 Updates

It's been a jam-packed two months in terms of updates! We have released a heap of new features including the Billing Portal, updated Inventory items, introducing a quick total option for invoicing on the go, and making the measurement calculator available in AroFlo Field.

Field: Invoice Quick Total feature 💲

In AroFlo Field, we've drastically improved the way the Quick Total function works when creating a final invoice from a task.

The value of the quick total will now automatically be set to the:

  • Value of the quote, if a quote exists for the task
  • Value of the task, if no quote exists
  • Remaining amount owed, using the above two calculations, if part invoices have first been raised.

No more manually entering a quick value for each invoice you create.

Use the quick total function

Office: Billing Portal 👤🧾

We've just made managing your AroFlo invoicing and account information much easier.

Using the Billing Portal, authorised users can check their AroFlo invoice history, add cards for direct debit, adjust the company billing address, and more!

Learn about the Billing Portal

Office: Conditional Event Messages 📨

We've made an exciting change to Event Messages with the introduction of Conditional Event Messages.

The first of these is a Payment Reminder email which will automatically trigger if an invoice due date has passed by 7 days and the balance is greater than $0.00.

This feature has also been made available for AroFloGo clients.

The conditional event panel in event message settings.

Learn more about Conditional Event Messages

Office: Task Preview on the Calendar💼📅

We're excited to announce that Task Preview has been added to the map accessed through the Find Nearest Job feature on the AroFlo Calendar.

Now, while never leaving the map, you can change the status of a task, add notes, and more.

A screenshot of task preview from the calendar

Start using Task Preview

Field: Measurement Calculator 📐

The measurement calculator is now available in AroFlo Field, letting you quote in linear measures!

Quote for a service or item in m2 (squared), lineal metres, or m3 (cubed) to accommodate for jobs like painting a room or fencing a property.

  • Measure rectangles, squares, right triangles, or circular areas
  • Group measurements to separate rooms, garden areas, or whatever your quote needs on a single line item
  • A new [Measurement] layout element to easily display calculations for a client.

In addition, we've added new units to measure in when using this feature in either Office or Field:

  • Foot, inch, yard, miles, liter, milliliter, liquid gallon, and imperial gallon

Start quoting in Linear Measures

Office: Asset Bulk Import Improvements 🚚🛻

We've enhanced AroFlo's asset bulk import functionality with two improvements that let users:

  • Import assets into 2 extra levels of subcategory (secondary and third level).
  • Assign assets to a particular business unit during import.
A marked up screenshot showing the new category second level, category third level, and Assigned Asset bulk import fields.

Learn more about importing Assets

AroConnect: Assign Incoming Work Orders to a Specific Business Unit 📨👷

We've added the ability to define the business unit you would like incoming work orders to be directed to per connection in AroConnect.

A highlight screenshot showing the AroConnect contractor menu with Settings highlighted

Learn more about managing incoming work orders in AroConnect

Event Messages: Add Project Manager to To and From fields 👷

We've added Project Manager to the list of Event Message To and From options. This helps Project Managers keep tabs on events related to their project, e.g. project tasks being marked as completed, project invoices being created, and checklist items completed on project tasks. This will save you from assigning users to every task in the project just so they can receive notifications.

Office: Project Retention Claim Alerts📋

We've made managing retention claims easier.

Inside your Retention tab are new Retention Alert Settings. Simply set your days, and then AroFlo will compare this against your claim date and pop an alert on your Message Board when it's getting close to claim time. 💲

A retention claim alert visible on the AroFlo dashboard

More on Project Retentions

Office: Recalculate Project Retentions 💲📋

Project managers in AroFlo can now recalculate retention values on the fly to better track evolving work over its lifecycle with a single button click.

This feature recalculates the project value (and therefore retention value) based on the Approved & Accepted Quotes in your Project and includes variations if Inc. Variations is ticked.

The retention dashboard in AroFlo showing the recalculate button

More on Project Retentions

Office: Work Orders and Contractors in Global Search

We've added Work Orders and Contractors to Global Search, making it even easier for you to find the contractor or work order at hand.

More on Global Search

Field: Use files from Document Directory 🗃️

When uploading files to tasks and quotes in AroFlo Field, you can now access files from the document directory!

This is really handy if you need to attach regularly-used files such as user manuals or material safety sheets.

More on the document directory | More on uploading documents and photos

Office: Display Unit Type 📦

In AroFlo Office, we've made the unit type visible in all areas that feature material items such as Quote and Task items.

This makes it even easier to see what unit type is set for your items. This is particularly useful when you're using our Measurement Calculator feature.

In addition, we've added a new [Unit Type] column for Invoice, RFQ, and Credit Note layouts.

More on Unit Type

Field: Additional Quote Totals fields ⬆️

We've included further info in the Quote Details area in AroFlo Field, giving you even more information when viewing quotes on the go.

In addition, we've made the Labour and Materials Markup fields editable!

More on editing a Quote

Field: Timesheet Expenses for multiple resources

Users can now select multiple resources when adding timesheet expenses to a Task in AroFlo.

Learn more about Timesheet Expenses

Office: Project Columns 🧾

We've made a change to the Bills tab in a project to help you more easily manage your project costs. Click the Columns button to add Tax Inc, Tax Ex and Tax Total.

The Select Columns dialog inside a Project Bills tab

Learn more about Projects

AroConnect: Resend an AroConnect Connection Request 📨👷

We've added the ability to resend AroConnect connection requests. This is great for following up prospective connections if you haven't heard back from them.

A screenshot of the resend button in the contractor card

Learn more about sending AroConnect connection requests

Office: Inventory Refresh 🔨

We've made some exciting changes to the look of the AroFlo inventory card, including:

  • A clean, modern look
  • The Category selector has been moved to the Details area
  • A new Stock tab where you can manage Stock Alert Levels.

Stay tuned for more exciting Inventory changes!

Learn more about inventory

Office: Project Stage on Task worksheet

For Project tasks, we've added the stage name at the end of the name of the project, for easier recognition of the Project Stage at hand!

Report Fields and Filters 📈

For Quote, Task and Invoice reports, we've added Document Image fields for inventory items. This is helpful if you want to display the default image of what items have been added to quotes, tasks, or invoices. These fields can also be used for files.

For Compliance reports, we have added the ability to view custom fields associated with the Task that the compliance form was raised against.

Screenshot of the report customisation panel showing the custom fields of the task being displayed

We've added several Project report fields:

  • Project Labour Cost Total
  • Project Material Cost Total
  • Project Expense Cost Total
  • Project Purchase Order Total
  • Project Work Order Total
  • Project Billed Total
  • Project Earned Revenue
  • Project Value Claimable
  • Stage Earned Revenue
  • Stage Value Claimable

Finally, to coincide with our detailed cost changes, we have added the following fields to Inventory reports:

  • Sell Unit Type
  • Default Task Unit Type
  • Purchase Cost

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