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AroPost - August Updates

Office: Reorder Task Documents 🖼️

We've added the ability to reorder documents on a task. This is ideal when showing task photos on a layout as the order of the photos will be retained.

Learn more about Documents and Photos

Custom Form Fields 📝

Custom Form Fields can now be made Conditional. This means that you can show or hide fields like text boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons depending on the choices a technician makes. Imagine a form where you can type a word and have a series of choices appear or display only the relevant next steps if you click a certain checklist item.

See Conditional Fields Workflow for more information on setting this feature up, including a detailed guide and use cases.

Field Scheduling Updates 📅

You can now create a task when creating a schedule in AroFlo Field. In addition, we've added the ability to create a client and/or location when using this feature.

Learn more about Field Scheduling

Field: Task Schedules ⏲️

Speaking of scheduling, in AroFlo Field, we've revamped the task schedules list from within a Task:

  • The list is now broken up into dates
  • Adding schedules now mirrors Field Scheduling which means you can schedule multiple resources on the same schedule!

Learn more about scheduling a task

Field: Quote Schedules 🧮⏲️

We've added the ability to schedule quotes in the Field! This works in the same way that you schedule tasks. Look for the Schedules button in the More tab.

Canvas field on Custom Forms 🖼️📝

We've added Canvas as a custom form field type. Previously only available as a Task custom field, the Canvas feature is a great way to create simple drawings, or for uploading an image and then marking it up.

Use this field type in both AroFlo Office and Field.

Add a canvas field to your custom forms.

Introducing Contractors 👷

We've introduced a new menu item under the Create and Accounts menus: Contractors.

Contractors was previously available in AroFlo under Suppliers. This change separates Suppliers and Contractors to make it easier to distinguish those who provide goods (Wholesalers/Suppliers) and those who provide services (Contractors). It also makes creating a Contractor even easier.

If you had already set suppliers as Contractors, you'll be able to view them under Accounts > Contractors.

Office: Clickable widgets 👆

You can now click the values in the Quotes Accepted, Tasks Completed, and Invoices Approved widgets to take you to the right area, making it even easier to find the info you need.

  • Quotes Accepted - opens a list of Quotes with the acceptance status of Accepted
  • Tasks Completed - opens your completed task list
  • Invoices Approved - opens up a list of approved invoices.

Task Name and Entered By Phone fields 💼

We've edited a couple of things on the Create Task, Quote, and Periodic screens to make them in-line with their respective worksheet pages:

  • The Task/Quote/Periodic Identification field has been renamed to Task/Quote/Periodic Name.
    You'll see this in both AroFlo Office and Field for Create Task/Quote, and AroFlo Office for Create Periodic.
  • The Phone field has been renamed to Entered By Phone.
    You'll see this in AroFlo Office.

Field: Escalate Fault ➡️💼

We've improved the look of the Escalate Fault page.

This feature is a great way to keep track of failed checklist items.

Learn more about this feature

Office: Stock Level column for Quote materials 📦

You can now see stock levels when adding inventory items to a quote so that you know in advance if stock needs to be ordered.

In addition, this information is also available when adding quoted items to a task.

Office: New Report Fields

We've added two new report fields for Client Reports related to invoicing:

  • Last Invoice Number
  • Last Invoice Date

These fields are helpful in knowing when your clients last interacted with you.

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