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AroPost - February 2024 Updates

Welcome to the first AroPost of the year! We've made a few changes recently to quoting and invoicing in the Field! Scroll through to learn about each update individually. Also included here is the measurement calculator which you can use in the Office when quoting.

Custom Fields on Work Orders ❓

We've added the ability to add custom fields to Work Orders! Custom fields can be really useful if you have specific information and requirements used in your business that you need to be visible.

Read More on Custom Fields.

Field: Invoice Menu 💳

Task Invoices are now even easier to access in AroFlo Field. Use the new Invoices option in the menu to easily find your invoices so you can start adding items to them.

Use the Invoice Menu

Field: Quick Add Options for Final Invoices ➕💵

Towards the end of December, we made it even easier to add items when creating a final invoice. Simply choose from the available options. Easily add all items from your quote or task in one tap, or alternatively, set a Quick Total if you simply want to enter an amount owing.

Use quick add options today

Office: Measurement Calculator 📐

AroFlo now lets you quote in linear measures in Office.

You can now quote for a service or item in m2 (squared), lineal metres, or m3 (cubed) to accommodate for jobs like painting a room or fencing a property.

  • Measure rectangles, squares, right triangles, or circular areas
  • Group measurements to separate rooms, garden areas, or whatever your quote needs on a single line item
  • A new [Measurement] layout element to easily display calculations for a client.

Start Quoting in Linear Measures

Field: Invoice Overview 💲

Towards the end of January, we released the new-look Invoice Overview, which uses the same format as that of the Task Overview.

The new overview included colour-coded statuses, a quick email option, and quick links to items and costs so you can easily see where things are at.

Included with this refresh is a brand-new Preview option. This is handy to quickly preview what your invoice will look like to your client and also view the Online Invoice.

More on the Invoice Overview

Field: Quote Overview, Quote Shortcuts, and Quick Totals 📜➕💲

The Quote Overview also got a revamp, with a similar look to the Invoice Overview, above.

In addition, we've also added the Shortcuts button. Simply tap the green plus button to easily add a photo, schedule, or to add quote items.

More on the Quote Overview

We've also introduced a Quick Total option. Use this to easily add a line item for an overall amount, or alternatively, add separate amounts for materials and labour.

Add a quick total

Field: Quote Items 🛠️

We've also improved the look of adding ad-hoc line items in AroFlo Field, by showing only required fields.

As part of this, we've also refreshed the quote details screen.

Field: Invoice Shortcuts and Quick-add items ➕

We've introduced the Shortcuts button to Invoices too! Tap this to easily add a signature, payment, or line items to your invoice.

In addition, we've improved the look of adding an ad-hoc invoice line item.

More on the Invoice Shortcuts | More on adding items to an Invoice

Field: Quote Preview option 👁

We've also given Quotes the Preview option. This is handy to quickly preview what your quote will look like to your client and also view the Online Quote.

Report Fields and Filters 📈

For Asset reports, we've added Client Status as both a filter and a field. This is helpful if wanting to view assets belonging to clients who are archived, or active.

For Periodic reports, we've added Client Account Manager Default as a field, making it easy to see at a glance who is looking after your regular clients.

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