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IMS June update

IMS June updates

Our primary goal at i-man is to develop a leading job management solution that makes it even easier to run your business. This month’s updates embody our company mission and are loaded with ways to save you both time and money in your every day tasks.

Supplier Online Catalogues

We recently teamed up with two of Australia’s largest electrical suppliers to give you even greater online purchasing options. Online supplier catalogues from Rexel and MMEM Group (including AWM, Haymans, TLE, D&W and MM Electrical) have been integrated with IMS so you can now login and access their product lists directly from within IMS, allowing you to browse and select items for quotes, purchase orders and invoices.

We are aiming to build upon our existing list of supported suppliers so we can provide even greater options across all trades service industries.

More info: Using Supplier Online Catalogues

Supplier Connect

You can also take things one step further by placing orders directly with MMEM from within the IMS purchase order screen. This means you can purchase your materials all from within the one system, saving time wasted on duplication of processes and manual handling of paperwork. We are also expecting that direct purchasing with Rexel will become available in the months ahead.

More info: Using Supplier Connect

Optional Line Items on Quotes

Optional line items on a quote can now be included by setting the item as ‘Optional’. This setting is available on simple and detailed quotes and on both webIMS and myIMS. New tables have been added to quote layouts to allow you to create layouts with optional line items.

More info: Optional Line Items on Quotes

Set-up User/Contact Positions

We have added a new field called ‘Position’ on User, Client and Supplier cards that allows you to assign positions to users and contacts. Positions are included in the list view on User, Client and Supplier contact pages for easy visibility and you also have the ability to add position information to reports. The position list is configured in Site Admin > Options > User/Contact Positions.

More info: Set-up User/Contact Positions

Prefill Task Identification Options

In Site Admin > Basic Settings the Prefill “Task Identification” with Client Address checkbox has been replaced with the following options:

  • Client or Location Address
  • Location Address
  • None

To maintain current functionality, we have updated your settings based on if you had enabled or disabled the option:

  • Enabled (checkbox ticked) = “Client or Location Address” option
  • Disabled (checkbox unticked) = “Location Address” option

More info: Prefil “Task Identification”

Timesheet Resource List

We have added a new user level feature ‘Timesheet Resource List’ to control adding or editing timesheet entries for other users.

This setting is applicable for Manager/Base users and has two settings:

  • ‘All’ (default): The user can add timesheet entries for other users.
  • ‘Only Me’: The user can only add or modify their own timesheet entries.

More info: Timesheet Resource List

Would you like to know more?

Want to know more about these new enhancements? Call and book in a session with one of our Customer Service Team Members or Email Support via the IMS Help menu.

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