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January 2019 AroFlo Latest Product Updates

We mark the start of a new year as an opportunity to set and achieve new goals. This year we welcome the integration and long-term partnerships with major industry partners to grow our interconnection capabilities. These partnerships in turn, will offer you greater functionality.

The team at AroFlo are extremely excited and we anticipate 2019 to be a big year. Our mission has always been clear, we succeed when our customers succeed – it’s as simple as that.

Read on to learn about our latest highlights:

  • Sync AroFlo and Groundplan
  • Office: Event invites
  • Office and Field: Forgot password link
  • AroFlo Office Redesign: Purchase orders and Quotes
  • AroFlo and Xero Integration: Mark invoices as ‘sent’
  • AroFlo: Spread the Summer love
  • AroFlo: The awesome trio
  • What’s in the pipeline?

Sync AroFlo and Groundplan

AroFlo has teamed up with Groundplan, an industry leading take-off software solution.

Its time to say goodbye to manually estimating your building plans and materials and the double handling involved with creating the quote and purchase order. Groundplan makes estimating easy, allowing you to save time and streamline your business processes.

Note: this integration is FREE with every AroFlo subscription.

Watch this short video to learn more.

Office: Event invites

It’s time to enjoy the benefits of emailing your staff calendar invites straight from AroFlo. Events can include task schedules, overheads such as tool box talks and ad-hoc events.

  • Sending an invite allows your staff to accept or decline the event.
  • Attendance statuses will be visible to everyone invited to the scheduled event.
  • Event invites will automatically save in the user’s email calendar (e.g. Google / Outlook / Apple Calendar).

Note to Site Administrators: This feature is only available to those using permission groups to control system access.

Office & Field: Forgot password link

As part of AroFlo’s on-going commitment to security, we’ve included a ‘Forgot your password?’ link in the AroFlo Office and Field login screens.

Once the ‘Forgot your password?’ link has been clicked, the user will receive and email containing further details to reset their password. The manager of the business unit will also receive an alert to notify them of the reset password request.

* Note to Site Administrators: the ‘Forgot your password’ option is switched OFF by default for each user. For instructions on how to enable this option, please see our Help page ‘Forgot your password’ settings.

AroFlo Office Redesign: Purchase orders & Quotes

We’ve overhauled AroFlo’s Purchase Orders and Quotes interface, making it a little easier on the eye and more importantly, cleaner and easier to navigate.

AroFlo and Xero Integration: Mark invoices as ‘sent’

We’ve improved AroFlo’s integration with Xero, AroFlo automatically marks all invoices pushed through Xero as ‘sent’. This way, Xero can conveniently send your clients an email reminder if payment is not received by the due date.

AroFlo: Spread the Summer love!

If AroFlo has helped turn your business around, why not tell your friends and family, and get rewarded!

If your mate signs up, they can save up to $750 on their set-up costs. And we’ll throw $250 your way as a thank you for your efforts.

Your mate will receive:

  • $250 off their AroFlo training and set-up
  • $250 off cloud accounting integration and
  • their first month FREE – save up to $250.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

AroFlo: The Awesome Trio

In the past two months AroFlo has unfortunately lost three valued employees. The talent and passion these employees contribute to their role and wider company will be greatly missed.

It’s not often that we see employees at AroFlo move into a new career and therefore we feel its a noteworthy mention. We’re very excited and pleased to announce the following:

  • Justin (Development) started his journey with the Victoria Government.
  • Shannon (Technical Support) will begin his training with the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade.
  • Jonny (Graphic Designer) will commence further study to become a Paramedic.

Guy said at one point: “It’s a testament to the calibre of the people we have here that when they move on, they chose roles that serve the community in such a powerful way. We wish the guys all the best in their new careers.”

What’s in the pipeline?

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about any of our latest updates, call and book in a session with one of our friendly Customer Service team members, or send us a support request via the AroFlo Help menu.

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