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January 2021 AroFlo Updates

Whether you’re a new user or an AroFlo veteran, we welcome you to AroFlo’s January Newsletter. Each month we’ll share a snapshot of the features rolled throughout the past month to ensure you remain informed and equipped to get the most out of your AroFlo system.

If there’s a feature you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Submit a support request for more information or book a training session. 2021 is here, and we’d love to help you give your business the best possible start on the path to growth and success.

Read on to learn about our recent highlights.

  • Projects: Gantt Chart Baselines
  • Projects: Export your Gantt Charts
  • Certifications: Email Expiry Alert Options
  • Timesheets: Updated Signature Icon
  • Field Update: Project Documents and Photos
  • Calendar: New Schedule Labels Added
  • AroFlo Blog: How to get the most out of AroFlo
  • What’s in the Pipeline?

AroFlo Office:

Projects: Gantt Chart Baseline

Introducing Gantt Chart Baselines. This feature allows you to create a snapshot of your original timeline to highlight any areas that are going off schedule and need your attention.

Simply set up your timeline and click Create baseline. The orange bars in our image above represent the baseline.

AroFlo Office:

Projects: Export your Gantt Charts

You’ll also be thrilled to know you can now export all or part of your Gantt Charts.

Simply click the Export button, choose your format – PDF, PNG or .CSV – it’s that easy.

If you’re new to Gantt Charts, you can learn more about their functionality and how they can benefit your business in our recent blog post.

AroFlo Office:

Certifications: Email Expiry Alert Options

We recently introduced certification expiry alerts that are automatically sent to Business Unit Managers.

You can now decide which AroFlo user should receive the emailed certification expiry alerts, and you can choose to switch emailed alerts off.

AroFlo Office:

Timesheets: Updated Signature Icon

We’ve updated the Daily Timesheets screen in the Office interface with new icons to indicate whether a timesheet entry has been signed by the user or not.

Green icon: the entry has been signed

Grey icon: the entry has not yet been signed

AroFlo Field:

Field Update: Project Documents and Photos

AroFlo’s Documents & Photos within Projects has been updated, allowing you to view the folder structure. This makes it easier to update your project-related files.

AroFlo Office:

Calendar: New Schedule Labels Added

We’ve added five new schedule labels to the calendar settings. Using these on your calendar schedules makes it even easier to call your client.

AroFlo Blog:

What 2020 has taught us about getting the most out of AroFlo this year

Ready to forget 2020? Before you do, find out what we learned about getting the most out of AroFlo last year and how it can build your success in 2021.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Pre-built Custom Forms and Layouts
  • Project invoices – advanced settings
  • Default Task Assets
  • Individual Asset Tracking
  • Work Orders for Contractors
  • Timesheet Automation – multiple conditions
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