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December | January 2022 AroFlo Updates

Welcome to the December/ January edition of AroFlo’s Newsletter: a monthly roundup of our recent product enhancements and updates.

During the last couple of months, we’ve refreshed many areas of AroFlo Field, added the Task Timer to Quotes, and introduced the ability to trigger Event Messages on quote acceptance status.

Make sure to check out Lifestyle Tradie’s guest post on our blog, ‘The importance of realigning and restructuring your business in 2022’.

Read on to learn about our recent highlights.

  • Quotes: Task Timer
  • Event Messages: Quote Acceptance
  • Field: Create Form
  • Field: Checklist Documents and Photos
  • Field: OHS Checklists
  • AroFlo Blog: Five ways to encourage a wellness program
  • What’s in the pipeline?

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Quotes: Task Timer

The task timer is now visible on Quotes in both AroFlo Office and Field

The task timer is a fantastic way to quickly and easily track start and stop times for accurate labour entries. Recording labour adds the costs to the job and the hours onto the employee’s timesheet.

Event Messages: Quote Acceptance

Automatically send notifications when a quote is accepted

You’re now able to trigger Event Messages with quote acceptance status. This includes when a quote is accepted, declined, or awaiting a decision.

Consider celebrating wins with staff by triggering an SMS or email to send upon quote acceptance.

Field: Create Form

We’ve refreshed the Create custom form and Create ad-hoc risk assessment screen

The Create Custom form and Create ad-hoc risk assessment screen are the latest Compliance area to undergo a makeover in AroFlo Field.

Keep an eye out for this new look when:

  • creating a custom form from Compliance > Forms, and also when adding a custom form to a task
  • creating an ad-hoc risk assessment from Compliance > Forms, and also when creating one from a task.

Field: Checklist Documents and Photos

Documents and Photos are now easier to attach to Checklists

We’ve updated the Documents and Photos section within Checklists.

Tap the plus button to upload files or take a photo to attach to a checklist item—this is a great way to justify why you’ve selected a particular status on a checklist item.

Field: OHS Checklists

Your OHS Checklists are now easier to sort

When viewing the OHS Checklists List every one of your checklists will now display by default. These can then be filtered using the Categories selector.

The OHS Checklist List is accessed from Compliance > Forms, and also when adding compliance forms to tasks.

AroFlo Blog:

The importance of realigning and restructuring your business in 2022

In this article, Andy Smith, veteran trade business owner and Lifestyle Tradie co-founder, shares how you can build a more resilient and successful trade business for the coming year.

What’s in the pipeline?

  • Work Orders
  • Quote Acceptance
  • Requests for Quotations
  • Task Preview (ability to see the Task details via popup in ServiceTrack)
  • To-Do List

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